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          Petitioner was ordered to pay child support of $148 per month.              
               The year at issue involves the period after petitioner                 
          separated from his wife but before any decree of divorce or                 
          separate maintenance or any written document establishing                   
          custodial rights and responsibilities existed.  During the year             
          in question, the care, custody, and support of the twins were               
          divided informally.  Petitioner generally kept the children from            
          Sunday through Wednesday of each week; Ms. Floyd kept them                  
          Wednesday through Sunday.  On occasion, petitioner would have               
          them Monday through Wednesday or later than Wednesday.  At their            
          parents’ preference, the children stayed together wherever they             
          went, except for occasional illnesses or other reasons.                     
               During the year in question, petitioner lived in a rented              
          apartment with his mother.  He supported himself as a hair                  
          stylist and by performing other work in a group home.  Petitioner           
          occasionally purchased items of clothing for the twins when they            
          were in his care.  In 1998, petitioner gave Ms. Floyd $1,000 for            
          the support of the children on an ad hoc basis.  Petitioner also            
          alleged he provided medical coverage for the children during                
          1998; however, that was not substantiated with documentary                  
               During 1998, Ms. Floyd lived with her stepmother, whom she             
          paid $300 for rent and $100 for utilities monthly.  She paid for            
          her own telephone service and household items.  She worked as a             

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