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          claimed as a deduction.  She testified that she looked only at              
          the bottom line.                                                            
               With respect to the check written to Coupounas in August               
          1998, Olbres testified as follows:                                          
                    Q      When did you first become aware that the                   
               corporation owed Mr. Coupounas $65,000 for professional                
               fees from the calendar year 1994?                                      
                    A      It was some time in August 1998.                           
                    Q      And how did you become aware of that?                      
                    A      Mr. Coupounas arrived at my office one day                 
               and told me that the corporation owed him $65,000 for                  
               services rendered that was claimed on the 1994 tax                     
               return, and he asked me to write him a check.                          
                    Q      Now, at the time Mr. Coupounas came to you                 
               in August of 1998, and said “You owe me $65,000 for                    
               legal and accounting services,” were you aware that                    
               Mr. Coupounas had rendered services to Interex, Inc.                   
               for which he had not been paid?                                        
                    A      Yes, I was.                                                
                    Q      When he told you you owed him $65,000 or                   
               the corporation owed him $65,000, did you ask him what                 
               services is this for, or what did you do for this                      
                    A      No, I didn’t.                                              
                    Q      Did you ask him whether he had kept any                    
               time records or any other types of records which would                 
               support that amount of $65,000?                                        
                    A      No, I didn’t.                                              
                           *    *    *    *    *    *    *                            
                    Q      Is it your testimony that you paid                         
               Mr. Coupounas on December 31, 1998?                                    

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