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                    A      No.  I wrote the check sometime in August                  
                    Q      Who printed that date, December 31, 1998 on                
               the check?                                                             
                    A      I did.                                                     
                    Q      Now, why would you give Mr. Coupounas a                    
               check in August of 1998 and date that check                            
               December 31, 1998?                                                     
                    A      That’s the date that Mr. Coupounas asked me                
               to reflect on the check.                                               
                    Q      Mr. Coupounas asked you to put that date on                
               the check?                                                             
                    A      Yes, he did.                                               
                    Q      Did he tell you why he wanted you to put                   
               that date on the check?                                                
                    A      No, he didn’t.                                             
                    Q      Did you ask him?                                           
                    A      No, I didn’t.                                              
                    Q      Didn’t that seem unusual to you writing a                  
               check in August and putting a December 31, 1998 date on                
                    A      Yes, it seemed unusual.                                    
                    Q      But even though it was unusual, you still                  
               didn’t ask him?                                                        
                    A      That’s correct.                                            
                    Q      Why not?                                                   
                    A      It seemed unusual but I didn’t think it was                
               illegal, especially where the same year is reflected on                
               the check, the year I wrote it.                                        

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