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               To implement the proposal, the following documents were                
               1.  A Solar Energy Purchase Agreement (the purchase                    
          agreement), dated November 2, 1995, by and between HEH as seller            
          and petitioner as purchaser, in which HEH agreed to sell to                 
          petitioner all of the energy produced from the heating system.              
          Under the purchase agreement, HEH retained ownership of the                 
          heating system and agreed to sell energy from the heating system            
          to petitioner and to install, service, maintain, and repair the             
          heating system during the purchase agreement’s term.  HEH also              
          agreed to make any improvements necessary to complete the                   
          installation, without any additional cost to petitioner.  HEH               
          provided a comprehensive warranty for the term of the purchase              
          agreement, including a promise to perform all required                      
          maintenance without additional cost to petitioner.  The payment             
          schedule specified in the purchase agreement required petitioner            
          to pay HEH (a) $46 per month for each of the first 36 months,               
          except that in months 6, 12, and 36 petitioner was required to              
          pay $2,263, $650, and $700, respectively; (b) nothing for months            
          37 through 60; and (c) $20 for month 61.  The payments required             
          under the agreement totaled $5,151.  The agreement was to be in             
          effect for a period of 5 years and 1 month from the date on which           
          the heating system became fully operational.                                

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