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               2.  A Metering and Solar Energy Service Guarantee in which             
          HEH guaranteed that petitioner’s fossil fuel consumption would              
          not exceed a specified amount per year (assuming certain                    
          conditions were met) and provided a service guarantee requiring             
          it to repair and upgrade petitioner’s heating system and to take            
          other remedial action if petitioner consumed “more fossil fuel              
          than guaranteed”.                                                           
               3.  An Option to Extend Term; Option to Purchase Component/s           
          in which HEH agreed to remove its equipment at the end of the               
          purchase agreement but provided petitioner with the option to               
          extend his purchase agreement for an additional 61-month period             
          (the second term) “at a reduced monthly rate of 2% of the                   
          existing contracts (sic) smaller monthly energy payment rate”               
          (i.e., 92 cents per month).  The option agreement also gave                 
          petitioner the option at the end of the second term to purchase             
          one or more components of the solar energy collection equipment             
          based on a price to be determined under the option agreement.               
               4.  A Memorandum of Heated Solar Water Service Agreement &             
          Roof Release confirming that petitioner had leased to HEH the               
          roof of his premises “for purposes including but not limited to             
          operating the solar water heating system.”                                  
               5.  A Solar Partnership Agreement (the partnership                     
          agreement) in which HEH agreed to pay petitioner $650 upon                  

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