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          Senior Citizen Center, a church-sponsored soup kitchen, and                 
          various churches.                                                           
               By letter dated July 19, 1999, the IRS required that SNI               
          amend its Articles of Incorporation to meet the organizational              
          test for exemption under section 501(c)(3).  SNI complied by                
          amending its Articles of Incorporation to delete the statement              
          that one of its purposes is to “find out where one goes when he             
          or she leaves”, leaving in place the additional provision that              
          its purpose is to be “organized exclusively for charitable,                 
          religious, educational, literary, and/or scientific purposes                
          under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.”                      
               SNI also responded to a number of questions raised by IRS in           
          the July 19, 1999, letter.  In response to a request that SNI               
          advise IRS as to the charitable purpose of SNI’s organization,              
          and provide a listing of the charitable activities conducted by             
          the organization, SNI responded:                                            
               The charitable purpose of Salvation Navy, Inc. is to be                
               an asset to the community and do good deeds.  Although                 
               it does not say so, for the most part, David Valfer’s                  
               activities, as stated in the Mayor’s proclamation and                  
               the other citations that were with form 1023, were the                 
               same as the organization’s activities.                                 

               In a further response to an IRS request that SNI describe in           
          detail the activities it would conduct, SNI stated:                         
               Presently, volunteering Saturdays and Sundays is taking                
               up 100% of * * * [Valfer’s] weekends at Hartford’s only                
               weekend senior center, WESP.  David needs to be there                  
               in time to say hello to the elderly citizens while he                  
               hands the milk out before the hot noon meal.  When                     

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