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               necessary David replenishes the paper towels, toilet                   
               tissue, and soap in the restrooms.  In addition, he                    
               sets up the video to show a movie to a few seniors,                    
               including a blind man.  The show has to end just before                
               two p.m. in order for Dial-a-Ride to take them to their                
               respective residence.                                                  
               SNI answered “yes” to the following question on the Form               
          1023:  “Do you want us to consider the application as a request             
          for recognition of exemption as a section 501(c)(3) organization            
          from the date the application is received and not retroactively             
          to the date the organization was created or formed?”                        
               In a further response to the July 19 letter, SNI indicated             
          that “David” would like to receive a tax-exempt letter to be able           
          to apply for a grant to procure a computer, a printer, and                  
          related software.  SNI indicated that after Valfer attended grant           
          writing and computer classes, the organization planned to                   
          establish a website and homepage to start a chat room for the               
          psychiatrically disabled.                                                   
               In subsequent correspondence dated December 10, 1999, SNI              
          indicated that it would also provide services as a “Shomer” (a              
          night watchman) to funeral homes, mortuaries, and morgues to keep           
          vigil through the night and into the mornings for persons who are           
          deceased and of the Jewish faith.  SNI indicated that an offering           
          of between $75 and $90 per 12-hour vigil “would be accepted by              
          the Shomer for the organization.”                                           
               By letter dated April 19, 2000, IRS requested that SNI                 
          modify its Board of Directors to place control in the hands of              

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