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               Federal Income Tax accrual.  The school loan is being                  
               allowed because I am assuming it is for the education                  
               of either one of you for the purpose of enhancing your                 
               careers and earning capacity.  Student loans repayments                
               for current or former dependents are not allowable                     
               unless a critical health situation exists.                             
               Your gross income of $6965.00 minus the allowable                      
               expenses totaling $6216.00 leaves a monthly payment                    
               capability of $751.00.[3]  Again, the unsecured charge                 
               card or loan debt is not allowable.                                    
               Upon submission of your 1999 and 2000 Federal Income                   
               Tax Returns I would consider an agreement of $75.00 per                
               month for one year, to be increased to $750.00 per                     
               month.  All tax returns must be filed timely during a                  
               pending agreement.                                                     
               Should you have information to further substantiate                    
               some of the expenses you have claimed I will consider                  
               it.  I will wait until 7/10/2001 to hear from you                      
               regarding this proposal for resolution of your unpaid                  
               Federal Income Tax Accounts.                                           
               My tentative determination is to sustain the Notice of                 
               Intent to Levy absent filed returns and an agreement to                
               pay in full as described above.  Your financial                        
               statement reveals you have the ability to pay in full                  
               by making substantial monthly payments.                                
          On July 6, 2001, petitioners sent a letter in response to the               
          settlement officer’s letter:                                                
               I received your letter of June 26, 2001 and I must                     
               disagree with your findings.  I have made some                         
               adjustments to the form 433-A based on new information                 
               that I received and your changes and have included a                   
               new form 433-A.                                                        
               The housing and utilities are based upon the actual                    
               monthly expenditures.  The health care is based upon                   
               actual monthly insurance premiums and out of pocket co-                
               pays for prescription medications.  The loan payments                  

               3Due to a subtraction error, this number should have been              

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