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          petitioner’s and petitioner’s daughter’s names.  Several letters            
          were prepared under the heading of “Olympic Equine Enterprises”             
          or “Three Colts West Performance Horses”.  Petitioner did not               
          retain correspondence sent to M&S from potential clients or other           
          third parties.                                                              
               Until 1996, petitioner insured Bandits Lucky Doc.                      
          Petitioner did not insure any of the horses that he owned during            
          the years in issue.  In 1996, petitioner prepared an inventory of           
          some of the equipment used by M&S in order to have the equipment            
          covered under his homeowner’s insurance policy.  Some of the                
          equipment was stored at an offsite trainer’s facility.                      
               Petitioner did not have a dedicated telephone line for M&S             
          and instead used a pager, a cellular telephone, and his home                
          telephone line.  Petitioner occasionally used his employers’                
          telephone numbers for M&S.  In 2000, petitioner opened a                    
          dedicated bank account for M&S with Union Bank of California.  On           
          March 23, 2000, petitioner filed a fictitious business name                 
          statement for M&S.                                                          
               On May 15, 1996, in connection with custody and child                  
          support proceedings, petitioner signed a declaration that was               
          filed with the Superior Court of California for the County of               
          San Diego.  In the declaration, petitioner claimed that the                 
          losses incurred by M&S should be considered to reduce his income            
          for purposes of calculating child support payments.  Petitioner             

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