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          the amounts transferred to the cash register tapes in the dining            
          room.  He was shown what had been received in evidence as Exhibit           
          15-P, a reconciliation of a bar register tape with the dining               
          room register tape.  That exhibit reads as follows:                         
                         Gross              $1,035.81                                 
                         Key V     156.06                                             
                         O.R.                   12.00                                 
                         Comp                   0.00                                  
                         Net                   867.75                                 
               Mr. Chiate was able to identify the gross as gross income              
          from bar sales, the O.R. as overrings, the comp as complimentary            
          drinks and the net as the result of subtracting the Key V, O.R.,            
          and comp amounts from gross sales to arrive at net bar sales.  He           
          professed ignorance of the Key V code, however, stating: “I can’t           
          identify that code, Your honor.  I don’t personally know what               
          that code stands for.”  Upon further cross examination by                   
          respondent, Mr. Chiate testified as follows:                                
                    Q.  Okay.  Mr. Chiate, you just testified you                     
               don’t know what a key V transaction is?                                
                    A.  I don’t know what that code is on the cash                    
               register, that’s correct.                                              
                    Q.  Okay.  Do you know what O/R stands for on this                
                    A.  I believe O/R--on that document, I’m not                      
               certain, but I know that O/R was an abbreviation for                   
               over-ring that was frequently used in other documents.                 
               It may or may not be for this purpose.                                 
                    Q.  And comp?                                                     
                    A.  Comp is when the bartender decided to                         
               complimentary provide a drink to a good customer, or                   

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