US Tax Court Opinions 2003

Case NameReleased
Carol Lee Moore1/2/2003
Thomas D. Tuka1/6/2003
Nell B. Newell1/7/2003
Richard M. Brockman1/7/2003
Morris Tabak1/7/2003
Janice Bullock1/7/2003
Jennifer L. Rusley1/7/2003
Bella Vista Chiropractic Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee1/8/2003
John J. Green1/8/2003
Jeffrey M. Young1/8/2003
Dennis J. and Carol R. Kraus1/9/2003
H&H Trim & Upholstery Co., Inc.1/9/2003
Robert Gunselman1/9/2003
William R. and Deborah L. Cramer1/9/2003
Richard J. Meyer III1/13/2003
Bruce L. Brosi1/13/2003
Ronald McLean Eastern Video1/14/2003
Deschutes Road Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee1/14/2003
Acme Equipment Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee1/14/2003
Earl R. and Mary A. Palmer1/14/2003
Stephen Jones1/14/2003
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. & Subsidiaries1/15/2003
Devine Brothers, Inc.1/16/2003
James Joseph, Jr.1/21/2003
Benjamin B. and Carolyn M. Haines1/21/2003
Jan Lister1/21/2003
Patricia Barranco1/21/2003
Miriam-Majadillas Eiselstein1/22/2003
Charlie Laws1/22/2003
Augustin Bolsover Jombo1/22/2003
Evelyn B. Block1/23/2003
Charlie Daniel Turner, Jr. and Sandra Lovell Turner1/24/2003
Paul F. and Eleanore M. Nichols1/27/2003
Kolotolu V. and Seini Liti1/27/2003
Kenneth A. Schrems1/28/2003
Tracee Creen1/30/2003
Larry A. Michael1/30/2003
New York Football Giants, Inc.1/30/2003
William Herbert Whitehurst, III and Carla Cherlene Whitehurst1/30/2003
James J. Hogan2/3/2003
William Allen Gilbert2/6/2003
Michael Chin and Julie Hedrich Chin2/6/2003
Mary Lou and Allen E. Jones2/6/2003
Kathleen Patricia Peters2/11/2003
Saba Partnership, Brunswick Corporation, Tax Matters Partner2/11/2003
Howard E. Clendenen2/12/2003
Wells Fargo & Company (f.k.a. Norwest Corporation) and Subsidiaries2/13/2003
Calvin L. Eubanks2/13/2003
Scott David Duby2/13/2003
Christopher J. and Vickilynn M. McCann2/14/2003
Florence C. Blankson2/14/2003
Drina L. McCorkle2/14/2003
John R. Rivera2/14/2003
Jerome Griggs Beery2/20/2003
Mark F. Beneventi2/20/2003
Allen Charles Schenkel2/20/2003
Kathryn Bernal2/20/2003
Claudia J. Miner2/24/2003
Bradley M. Cohen and Kathy A. Cohen2/24/2003
Estate of Lucille Abbott Sexton, Deceased, Ann Sexton Peterson, Executor2/24/2003
William G. Koenig2/24/2003
Virgie R. Porter2/25/2003
Gloria M. Stark2/25/2003
Lawrence Robert Clifton-Bligh2/25/2003
Gary James Copeland2/25/2003
Tommy Ray Smith2/25/2003
John G. Goettee, Jr. and Marian Goettee2/25/2003
Water-Pure Systems, Inc.2/26/2003
Nu-look Design, Inc.2/26/2003
Superior Proside, Inc.2/26/2003
James C. and Katherine Wilkins2/26/2003
Veterinary Surgical Consultants, P.C.2/26/2003
Mike J. Graham Trucking, Inc.2/26/2003
Specialty Transport & Delivery Services, Inc.2/26/2003
Estate of Ralph H. Davis, Deceased, Evelyn Davis, Personal Representative2/28/2003
Delta Plastics, Inc.2/28/2003
Danvis S. and Sheryl S. Smith2/28/2003
Tonia V. Cates2/28/2003
Stephen P. Pacileo3/3/2003
Home Health Services Trust, Robert Hogue , Trustee3/3/2003
Rancho Residential Services Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee3/3/2003
Residential Management Services Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee3/3/2003
Sunshine Residential Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee3/3/2003
Daniel A. Fink3/4/2003
Michael A. and Esther N. Milnes3/4/2003
Cheryl D. Flathers3/4/2003
Michael S. and Christine R. Norwood3/5/2003
Ed and Patricia A. Montgomery3/5/2003
Estate of Nathaniel M. Leichter, Deceased, Steven Leichter, Co-Special Administrator3/6/2003
Alice M. Beagles3/6/2003
William J. McNeill3/6/2003
Howard and Everlina Washington3/6/2003
Pieter Weyts3/12/2003
Joe D. and Maura F. White3/12/2003
Precision Pine & Timber, Inc.3/12/2003
Jerome Edward Brown and Mary L. Smith Brown3/13/2003
Stan D. Kaye3/13/2003
Roger Stoewer3/13/2003
Michael D. Keown and Rosann C. Keown3/13/2003
G. Robert Lyman and Shari Lee Wright Lyman3/13/2003
William A. Swann and Judith A. Swann3/13/2003
Green Forest Manufacturing Inc.3/14/2003
Maria G. Pelayo3/14/2003
Paul L. Hickey and Nellida F. Hickey3/14/2003
Mary Ann Whitacre3/17/2003
George A. Robinson3/17/2003
JHK Enterprises, Inc., A California Corporation3/18/2003
Norman J. Suter3/18/2003
Larry Allen Coats3/18/2003
Luis A. Cortes3/19/2003
David M. Marx3/19/2003
James and Katie Gill3/19/2003
Peter U. and Mary M. Boehme3/20/2003
Ralph W. Emerson and Suzanne O. Emerson3/20/2003
Robert J. & Shari L. Hartz3/24/2003
Arlene Williams3/24/2003
William Maher3/25/2003
Estate of Dora Halder, Deceased, Anita Halder MacDougall, Executrix3/25/2003
Timothy Dean Strong3/25/2003
Robert & Diane Schwartz3/25/2003
Cynthia L. Edelen, f.k.a. Cynthia L. Kratz3/26/2003
Daniel E. Duncan3/26/2003
Richard H. Frank and Tammy J. Frank3/26/2003
Irwin and Jeannine Radnitz3/26/2003
S.W. DePasture3/26/2003
Frederick Smith, Jr. and Vanessa Smith3/26/2003
Mitchell S. Wiest3/27/2003
Jerry S. Payne3/27/2003
Jeffrey S. Lindquist3/27/2003
Amanda M. Beeghly3/28/2003
Elnora F. Hodnett3/28/2003
Jane Gilbert3/28/2003
T.P. and Najieh R. Crigler3/28/2003
Ernst L. Meier3/31/2003
Color Arts, Inc., John P. Csepella, A Person Other Than The Tax Matters Person3/31/2003
Hilario M. and Cathy C. Aguirre4/2/2003
Nancy B. Doyle4/3/2003
Carl Stuart Brandon and Ann Stuart Brandon4/7/2003
Fedner Francois Tovar4/7/2003
Lisa B. Williams4/8/2003
Carlos Londono4/9/2003
Estate of Isabelle N. Greenwood, Deceased, Donna Norquist and Christine N. Stamey, Independent Co-Executrixes4/9/2003
Michael Thomas Prasil and Lori Lynn Prasil4/9/2003
Indeck Energy Services, Inc., and Subsidiaries4/11/2003
Annie W. Nebres4/15/2003
Eryck C. Aston4/16/2003
Norman L. and Catherine J. Forste4/16/2003
Andy Hromiko4/17/2003
Guy Nathaniel Gay, Jr., Petitioner and Kimberly S. Gibson, Intervenor4/17/2003
Robert Rodriguez4/17/2003
Robert L. Stewart4/17/2003
Stephen G. Elek4/17/2003
Lakim Love Allah4/18/2003
Lidia Lamanna4/18/2003
Dale A. Rinehart and Jeana L. Yeager, f.k.a. Jeana L. Rinehart, et al.4/18/2003
Charles Shaw4/18/2003
Harold Lee and Melissa Diane Thomas4/21/2003
Robert James Mentzel, Jr.4/21/2003
Connie A. Washington4/21/2003
Ella Louise Wooten4/21/2003
James E. Anderson and Cheryl J. Latos4/21/2003
Michael L. Widner4/21/2003
James T. Redman4/22/2003
Dennis W. Farley, Jr. and Janice J. Farley4/22/2003
Carter B. Tatum, Jr. and Barbara B. Tatum4/22/2003
Michael A.Cabirac4/22/2003
Carolyn Pollard4/22/2003
Shirley Renee Burton4/22/2003
Raymond Bourbeau4/22/2003
Larry Joe Mills4/22/2003
Nick A. Shubin4/28/2003
David H. Kilson, Jr.4/28/2003
Brian Hilvety4/28/2003
Corona Pathology Services, Inc.4/28/2003
Nick Allan Palermino4/28/2003
Acme Steel Company (formerly known as Interlake, Inc., and now known as Acme Metals, Inc.) and Consolidated Subsidiaries4/28/2003
Lavonne Allen Hodgson4/28/2003
Jack H. Meyer4/29/2003
Rockie D. Elmore4/29/2003
Daniel and Sally A. Holguin4/29/2003
Gloria J. Spurlock4/29/2003
Debra Sue Tussey4/30/2003
Adorno Business Company5/1/2003
The Adorno Asset Management Trust5/1/2003
Bank One Corporation5/2/2003
Rudolph H. Beaver5/2/2003
Eryck C. Aston5/2/2003
Charles C. Jones5/5/2003
Kyl Christians5/5/2003
Christopher Christie5/6/2003
Frederick W. and Candace J. Tiley5/8/2003
Alex B. Rhodes, Jr.5/8/2003
Heather Lee Comeau Sliwinski5/9/2003
Jerome J. and Ann T. Klawitter5/12/2003
James L. and Sherri R. Goertler5/13/2003
City of Santa Rosa, California5/13/2003
Michael Kevin and Vickie P. Boltinghouse5/13/2003
Comtek Expositions, Inc.5/13/2003
Claude D. Mayo, Sr. and Lessie M. Mayo5/14/2003
Charles T. McCord, Jr. and Mary S. McCord, Donors5/14/2003
Estate of Avrom A. Silver, Deceased, Bonny Fern Silver, Kenneth Kirsh, and Ronald Faust, Executors5/14/2003
Paul Everman5/14/2003
Brian P. Keeley and Mary G. Keeley5/15/2003
Allen R. Krawczyk5/15/2003
Dak, Inc.5/15/2003
John M. Mekulsia5/15/2003
Albert Dudley Thrower5/15/2003
Steven G. Orr5/19/2003
Luciano V. Flores5/19/2003
Emanoil and Magdalena Gantea5/19/2003
Medical Emergency Care Associates, S.C., An Illinois Corporation5/19/2003
Keith T. and Geraldine A. Bowers5/19/2003
Charles Johns5/19/2003
Robert D. Hill5/20/2003
Jorge N. and Vivian Lopez5/20/2003
Yuanqiang Zhang5/20/2003
John J. and Mary Frances Maloney5/20/2003
Estate of Albert Strangi, Deceased, Rosalie Gulig, Independent Executrix5/20/2003
David J. Edwards5/22/2003
Alber I. and Georgette H. Said5/22/2003
Anthony V. and Sandy K. Margavio5/22/2003
Louis E. Peyton5/22/2003
Thomas V.F. Struhar5/22/2003
River City Ranches #1 Ltd., Leon Shepard, Tax Matters Partner5/23/2003
Bernard William Hvidding and Faleasiu E. Hvidding5/23/2003
Richard Scott Gehrs5/27/2003
Richard V. Frederick and Nancy M. Frederick5/27/2003
Silvia S. Rodriguez5/27/2003
David M. and Teri L. Saykally5/27/2003
Edward Charles Jones5/27/2003
Frank R. Sanchez5/28/2003
David K. and Elizabeth Simpson5/28/2003
Michael W. Duncan5/28/2003
Lottie Tyler Richardson5/28/2003
Kabongo Leonard Kalubi5/28/2003
Susan L. Rosetti5/28/2003
Dallas R. Hall5/29/2003
Duncan & Associates5/29/2003
Frank and Lou-Ann Guarna5/29/2003
Howard Jones5/29/2003
Etta James Linton, a.k.a. Ella Jane Linton6/2/2003
Western Management, Inc.6/3/2003
Robert E. and Yvonne R. Kovacevich6/3/2003
Patricia P. Kean6/4/2003
John P. Trowbridge, Life Center Houston Business Trust, John P. Trowbridge, Trustee, and Life Choices Business Trust, John P. Trowbridge, Trustee6/4/2003
John Parks Trowbridge6/4/2003
Laura L. Brooks6/5/2003
James A. and Corlis L. Perry6/5/2003
William Ivan Doty and Sandra Ann Doty6/5/2003
Thomas Herrick6/9/2003
Robert A. Buckley, Jr.6/9/2003
Charles R. and Dru L. Haggart6/9/2003
Robert Henderson6/9/2003
Douglas G. Turnidge6/10/2003
Cathy M. and Randy L. Crosson6/10/2003
Fawzi and Dolores Tay Tay Assaad6/11/2003
John Joseph Wingert6/11/2003
Barbara Rooks6/11/2003
Stephen G. and Karen P. Shaltz6/11/2003
Pamela Renee Wiggins6/11/2003
Jimmy L. and Nita N. Thompson6/12/2003
Teddy R. and Cheryl D. McGinty, Jr.6/12/2003
Donna M. Orsino6/12/2003
George W. Warren and Florence J. Winterheld6/12/2003
Robert Terrence Thompson6/12/2003
Estate of Helen A. Deputy, Deceased, William J. Deputy, Co-Executor6/13/2003
Filomena Pahamotang6/17/2003
Marion Warren6/17/2003
Dale L. Oyer, Transferee, et al.6/17/2003
Damon C. Cicciari6/18/2003
Wallace W. Burke6/18/2003
Gerard L. Schroeder6/19/2003
Andrea Pappas6/19/2003
Thomas C. Pride, Sr.6/19/2003
Ray W. and Marilyn S. Sowards6/19/2003
Roland E. Lewis, Jr.6/19/2003
Wesley T. and Ruth T. Enloe6/19/2003
Michael T. Hawkins and Janine M. Hansen6/20/2003
Raleigh L. and Angela M. J. Womack6/24/2003
Manuel Francisco Palomo and Jane Lyon Potter6/24/2003
Charlie Laws6/24/2003
Dorothy Moorhous6/24/2003
Stephen Hayden6/24/2003
Rhonda Hope Hamilton6/25/2003
Paul and Pauline D. Kessler6/26/2003
Raymond E. Crittenden6/26/2003
William T. and Nicole L. Gladden6/27/2003
Mary Catherine Pierce6/30/2003
Estate of Charles N. Aronson, Deceased, Barney P. Aronson, Executor6/30/2003
Marianne Hopkins6/30/2003
John M. and Carolyn Merritt6/30/2003
Richard R. Izac6/30/2003
Charles Wendell Harkey, Sr. and Barbara Anne Harkey7/1/2003
Joseph W. Dorn7/1/2003
Danny and Ruth Kosbar7/1/2003
Nita B. Leissner7/1/2003
Francisco E. Campos, Jr. and Lualhati N. Campos7/1/2003
Edward A. Bougas III7/2/2003
Alphonse Mourad7/2/2003
Curtis B. Keene7/8/2003
George R. and Karen S. Kemper7/8/2003
Virgil and Joyce Brashear7/9/2003
Isaiah Israel7/9/2003
John and Donna Ringgold7/9/2003
Joe Guadagno and Susan Beth Rishel Guadagno7/9/2003
Albert Horton and Ramona Osborne7/9/2003
James R. Ciciora7/10/2003
Marc S. Feldman7/10/2003
Brewer Quality Homes, Inc.7/10/2003
Marc A. Mehner7/10/2003
Dale H. and Edith Littlefield Sundby7/11/2003
Yvonne E. Thurner7/11/2003
Winston O. and Paulet P. Smith7/15/2003
Curtis R. and Lynn Bitker7/15/2003
John R. Peacock7/15/2003
Thomas Rice7/15/2003
Kenneth A. Sapp7/15/2003
Edward Kazuo Ozaki7/16/2003
Marvina J. Dail7/16/2003
Cynthia Emery Weight7/16/2003
Mary L. Coleman-Stephens7/16/2003
James Leo Armstrong7/16/2003
Robert H. Deputy7/16/2003
Diane S. Blodgett7/16/2003
Taylor Brinson7/16/2003
Christopher Y. Kimm7/17/2003
Miguel A. Echevarria7/17/2003
DeForest and Rose M. Dorroh7/18/2003
Raymond J. and Ilene H. Pavelko7/21/2003
Allan L. Blank7/21/2003
Eddie Lee Williams7/22/2003
Erickson Post Acquisition, Inc.7/22/2003
William and Penny Landvogt7/22/2003
David D. Le, a.k.a. David Dung Le, a.k.a. Dung V. Le and Kim Huong Le, a.k.a. Kim Le, et al.7/22/2003
Eugene J. and Kathryn A. Schumacher7/23/2003
Thomas James Allen7/23/2003
David M. and Audrey J. Fugitt7/23/2003
Gregory C. and Phyllis Lam7/23/2003
Barney K. and Lindy W. Huang7/23/2003
George N. and Maggie Ahmaogak7/23/2003
Marlin G. Springer7/23/2003
Estate of Leona Engelman, Deceased, Peggy D. Mattson, Executor7/24/2003
Gabe W. Stewart, Jr., and Doris R. Stewart7/24/2003
Santos M. and Ingrid I. Castillo7/24/2003
Menace St. Hilaire7/24/2003
Robert C. Henry II7/25/2003
Frank Planko7/25/2003
William T. Elliott7/25/2003
Philip and Margery Skalka7/29/2003
Marianne Hopkins7/29/2003
James C. DuBois, Sr.7/29/2003
Richard Wos7/29/2003
Walter L. Medlin7/29/2003
David Russell Jacobson7/30/2003
Robert K. and Dawn E. Lowry7/30/2003
David J. Price7/30/2003
Everett J. Diers7/31/2003
John D. and Kim M. Hinterleitner7/31/2003
Charles and Teresa Brodman8/1/2003
Antonio L. and Ernestine Thomas8/1/2003
David Gerald Lockmiller8/4/2003
Dieter Stussy8/4/2003
Michael G. Bunney8/4/2003
Charlotte's Office Boutique, Inc.8/4/2003
Antonio G. and Bonnie L. Montoya8/5/2003
Sarah Joan Barber8/6/2003
William G. Wells8/6/2003
Stephen C. Carter8/7/2003
Andras Hautzinger8/8/2003
Calvin Earl Humphries8/8/2003
James and Terri Carskadon8/11/2003
Josef and Marie Lah8/11/2003
Lawrence S. and Myrna Ahmaogak8/11/2003
William R. Duren8/13/2003
Thomas J. Northen , Jr., and Shirley Cox8/13/2003
Sandra G. Venable8/13/2003
E.J. Harrison and Sons, Inc.8/13/2003
Sam F. and Ingrid D. Ford8/13/2003
James E. Wells8/13/2003
David B. and Janis Hubbard8/14/2003
Allan & Judy N. Green8/14/2003
Michael H. Visin and Natalie Marselly8/18/2003
Jimmy A. Prince8/18/2003
Daniel E. Spurlock8/18/2003
Cynthia Medina8/19/2003
James Christian Jensen8/19/2003
Marie-Francine T. Grow8/19/2003
Lance A. McLee8/20/2003
Shirley Westerhuis8/20/2003
Advanced Delivery and Chemical Systems Nevada, Inc.8/20/2003
Johann T. and Johanna Hess8/20/2003
Fatemeh Entezam8/21/2003
Linda M. Weiler, a.k.a. Linda M. Krupnick8/25/2003
Donnell L. James8/25/2003
Juan G. Ibarra and Margarita Ibarra8/25/2003
Walter R. Huff and Lucy C. Huff8/25/2003
Nimfa C. Molina8/25/2003
Laura Ann Flood8/27/2003
Bruce Edward Kennedy8/27/2003
Wing Y. Kwan8/27/2003
Neal Swanson8/28/2003
Gary Paul Rush9/2/2003
Michael Robert Peterson9/2/2003
Patrick F. Philippi9/2/2003
Clarissa W. Lappo9/3/2003
Sheila Mae Howard9/4/2003
Stephen P. Arnold9/4/2003
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation9/4/2003
John Michael Treu9/8/2003
James Benson Dunham and Melanie A. Dunham9/8/2003
Gregory R. Brown9/9/2003
Robert M. Galvin and Christine Galvin9/9/2003
Lisa Marie Pierce9/9/2003
Meri R. and William R. Kaufman9/9/2003
Med James, Inc.9/9/2003
John J. Green9/10/2003
Frederick C. Kumpel9/10/2003
David Lee Smith and Mary Julia Hook9/11/2003
Emmanuel L. Roco9/11/2003
Darrell L. Gaines9/11/2003
David M. Priestly, Jr.9/11/2003
Donald W. and Mary Ellen Klopman Martinez9/12/2003
Andrew J. Zoglman9/12/2003
Thomas E. and Susan L. Truskowsky9/15/2003
Rudolph Stephen Heretick, Jr.9/15/2003
William B. and Donna McDermott9/16/2003
Kelly London McCullar9/17/2003
Edward H. and Anne G. Harrell9/17/2003
Maintenance, Painting & Construction, Inc.9/17/2003
Peter Spuler, Jr.9/17/2003
Ajuba Gaylord9/22/2003
Patricia P. Kean9/22/2003
Isaac Baranowicz and Lora D. Baran, f.k.a. Lorraine D. Baranowicz9/22/2003
Edward P. Knoll and Mary K. King-Knoll9/23/2003
Carl and Lisa Neugebauer9/23/2003
Michael W. Bethea9/24/2003
Harvey Taylor9/25/2003
Joseph F. Lisi9/25/2003
Peter S. Peracchio9/25/2003
Curtis J.L. McIntosh9/25/2003
Square D Company and Subsidiaries9/26/2003
Jeffrey R. King and Sabrina M. King9/26/2003
Janet E. Crowell9/26/2003
Ralph M. and Rosemary L. Conlon9/29/2003
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation9/29/2003
Michael T. Carey and Leone R. Carey9/30/2003
Sweetbush Trust, David Keith Jacobs, Trustee, et al.9/30/2003
Alva Cotter Shell IV, Petitioner, and Jamie L. Jones, Intervenor9/30/2003
John and Michele McGovern9/30/2003
Linda Bunce9/30/2003
Alan and Esther Schwemmer9/30/2003
Alan C. and Esther R. Schwemmer9/30/2003
Sherianne S. Cotterell10/1/2003
Rigoberto Campos Hernandez10/1/2003
Janice L. Cardiff, f.k.a. Janice Dunn, Petitioner, and Stephen Dunn, Intervenor10/1/2003
Mamady B. Cisse10/1/2003
Zenobia Elisia Clary Ziegler10/2/2003
Edward L. and Terri L. Pyrdum10/2/2003
Jackie H. Hunt10/2/2003
Estate of Dora Halder10/3/2003
David J. Boyd10/3/2003
George R. and Barbara H. Burrus10/3/2003
Phillip James Burke and Gail Agnes Storey10/3/2003
Jacqueline Medina10/7/2003
Pepper Pot Trust, David-Keith Jacobs, Trustee10/7/2003
Alfred J. Martin10/8/2003
Jimmy D. and Marlene M. Morloc Weaver10/8/2003
Janie M. Dixon and Joseph Dixon, Jr.10/10/2003
David G. Lagraff and Cynthia L. Lagraff10/14/2003
Charles R. Godwin et al.10/14/2003
Amy H. O'Brien10/14/2003
Johny L. Dotson10/14/2003
Olen W. and Gwendolyn Wilborn10/15/2003
Richard A. Brunsman10/16/2003
Joseph Jones10/20/2003
Randolph S. Simpson I10/21/2003
Gregory Paul Imberger10/21/2003
Darrell R. Fulcher10/21/2003
Jean A. Weaver10/21/2003
Ernest L. Collins10/21/2003
Carl R. Neugebauer10/21/2003
William M. Hawkins and Laura C. Hawkins10/21/2003
Donald L. Walford10/23/2003
Horace D'Angelo10/23/2003
Nicholas J. and Diane L. Palihnich10/23/2003
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation10/27/2003
Aaron Douglas Law10/27/2003
Cherenor Mansaray Smith10/27/2003
Herman N. and Veronica Welter10/29/2003
Ruthe G. Ohrman10/29/2003
Janet E. Landers10/29/2003
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation10/30/2003
Richard Gorkes, Jr. and Susan Gorkes10/31/2003
Robert S. Cohen and Margery Cohen11/3/2003
Malcolm I. Lewin and Trina Lewin11/3/2003
Donald G. and Claudia A. Willis11/3/2003
H. Robert Feinberg11/3/2003
Nora Aranda11/5/2003
Lawrence Moore11/6/2003
Rodney J. Blonien and Noreen E. Blonien11/7/2003
Vivian C. Kerr11/7/2003
Martin Edward Caulfield11/7/2003
Norman W. Brissett11/7/2003
Estate of Eugene E. Stone, III, Deceased, C. Rivers Stone, E.E. Stone, IV, Mary Stone Fraser & Rosalie Stone Morris, Co-Personal Representatives11/7/2003
Hung N. Nguyen11/12/2003
Edward H. and Anne G. Harrell11/12/2003
Herbert C. Buck11/12/2003
Peter Wood11/12/2003
Stanley R. Harbaugh and Bonnie L. Harbaugh11/13/2003
Jeffrey K. Ramsdell11/17/2003
James J. Crisan and Veronica L. Crisan11/17/2003
Michael Robert Cottrell11/18/2003
Edwin E. and Bertalina Alvarez11/18/2003
Damian Gerard and Leigh H. Gerard11/20/2003
Ronald E. Boyer11/20/2003
Rafael M. and Rosario Gutierrez11/20/2003
Edwina Diane Campbell11/24/2003
Wallace and Donnetta Duncan, et al.11/24/2003
David A. Demetree11/24/2003
Robert W. Tschetter11/25/2003
Waterfall Farms, Inc.11/25/2003
Ronald D. Weeldreyer and Suzanne Weeldreyer11/25/2003
Jerry D. Criner11/25/2003
Ricky Schmidt and Suzetta J. Schmidt11/25/2003
Brenda Wallace12/1/2003
Eugene Amos, Jr.12/1/2003
Estate of Nicholas Charles Stevens, Jr., Deceased, Kim Patricia Bryan, Personal Representative12/1/2003
Sudheshna Purushotham, a.k.a. Sue Purushotham12/2/2003
Kevin J. Morse12/3/2003
Joyce E. & Jerome G. Beery12/3/2003
Anthony Sciola12/4/2003
John R. Toney12/4/2003
Louise Sirianni12/8/2003
Claudia F. Walker12/8/2003
George G. Green12/8/2003
Gunter R. and Jay R. Wall12/11/2003
Fortunato J. Mendes12/11/2003
Lawrence Robert Gamer12/15/2003
Isaiah Israel12/15/2003
Ramon J. and Sheila A. Jeanmarie12/15/2003
Perry Funeral Home, Inc.12/16/2003
Bharat S. Parikh12/16/2003
Paul S. and Sharon E. Talchik12/16/2003
Gavin Polone12/16/2003
Pamela S. Cooper12/17/2003
Charles W. and Nancy T. Smith12/17/2003
Herschel H. and Roberta S. Hoopengarner12/17/2003
Charles & Marianne T. Anderson12/18/2003
Bill Max Overton12/22/2003
Yancy K. Young12/22/2003
Michael J. Downing and Sandra M. Downing12/29/2003
Randall G. Van Vlaenderen12/29/2003
Estate of Mildred Green, Deceased, Thomas R. Green, Executor12/29/2003
Louis Fusaro12/29/2003
Steven Jay Wolk12/30/2003
Ouan Bland12/30/2003
Gary R. Greulich12/30/2003

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