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          describes the term “in-person interview”.  Where a term is not              
          defined in the statute, it is appropriate to accord the term its            
          “ordinary meaning”.  Northwest Forest Resource Council v.                   
          Glickman, 82 F.3d 825, 833 (9th Cir. 1996).  And when there is no           
          indication that Congress intended a specific legal meaning for              
          the term, courts may look to sources such as dictionaries for a             
          definition.  Muscarello v. United States, 524 U.S. 125, 127-132             
          (1998); see also Huntsberry v. Commissioner, 83 T.C. 742, 747-748           
          (1984), in which the Court stated that “where a statute is clear            
          on its face, * * * we would require unequivocal evidence of                 
          legislative purpose before construing the statute so as to                  
          override the plain meaning of the words used therein.”                      
               The term “interview” is defined by Webster’s Third New                 
          International Dictionary Unabridged 1183-1184 (1993) as:                    
               a meeting face to face: a private conversation; usu: a                 
               formal meeting for consultation: CONFERENCE                            
          Similar definitions appear in other dictionaries.  For example,             
          the American Heritage Dictionary (4th ed. 1970) defines the term            
          “interview” as “a face to face meeting arranged for the                     
          discussion of some matter”; Webster’s II New Riverside University           
          Dictionary 639 (1984) defines the term as “a formal face-to-face            
          meeting”; and Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary 600 (1979)                
          defines the term as “a formal consultation” or “a meeting at                
          which information is obtained”.                                             

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