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               2.   The Remaining $400,000 of Damages                                 
               Under Louisiana law, the Louisiana Patient’s Compensation              
          Fund (LPCF) pays medical malpractice awards greater than $100,000           
          up to a ceiling of $500,000, plus interest and additional amounts           
          for continuing health care costs.  La. Rev. Stat. Ann. sec.                 
          40:1299.42(B)(1) (West 2001); id. sec. 40:1299.44(A)(1), (C)                
          (West Supp. 2002).  On April 24, 1992, the State court held that            
          petitioners could seek from LPCF up to $400,000, plus interest,             
          in connection with their malpractice claim against Pendleton                
          Hospital.  Petitioners sued to obtain those additional damages              
          and interest from LPCF.  On February 2, 1993, after a trial and             
          jury verdict, the State court entered a $500,000 judgment against           
          LPCF for petitioners.                                                       
               On March 25, 1993, petitioners filed a motion to fix                   
          interest and costs based on their claim that LPCF was unfairly              
          delaying payment of the judgment.  On April 2, 1993, the State              
          court granted petitioners’ motion to fix interest and costs and             
          ordered LPCF to pay costs of $8,588, interest on $500,000 from              
          June 5, 1985, to March 31, 1991, and interest on $400,000 from              
          April 1, 1991, until paid.  Petitioners’ malpractice counsel                
          computed the interest owed by LPCF as of March 24, 1993, to be              
          $407,323, with interest continuing to accrue at a rate of $76.72            
          per day until paid.                                                         

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