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          1985, petitioner began her career as a staff radiation therapist            
          with Deland and Noell, a corporate entity with its place of                 
          business in Lafayette, Louisiana.  The corporation, which                   
          provided treatment to cancer patients was owned and operated by             
          Thomas Noell and Maitland Deland, two doctors, who were also                
          husband and wife.                                                           
               Petitioner was 21 when she began working on the staff of the           
          corporation, and in 1991 she was promoted to a position as chief            
          therapist.  During 1993, petitioner was promoted to the position            
          of corporate chief therapist.  As the corporate chief therapist,            
          petitioner supervised all of the corporation’s radiation                    
          therapists.  During 1991 through 1995, the corporation was in a             
          period of expansion and opening cancer treatment centers in                 
          multiple geographical locations.  Petitioner was instrumental in            
          the successful expansion and operation of the radiation therapy             
          aspect of the corporate business.  Corporate management was                 
          grooming petitioner to become part of administration and                    
          management, rather than limiting her focus to clinical                      
               During her employment with the corporation, a personal                 
          friendship developed between petitioner and Dr. Maitland Deland,            
          who was the president and a shareholder of the corporation.  Dr.            
          Deland and petitioner spent time together during and after work,            
          and their relationship developed into a close and personal one.             

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