Estate of Emanuel Trompeter, Deceased, Robin Carol Trompeter Gonzalez and Janet Ilene Trompeter Polachek, Co-Executors - Page 13

          by the commissions charged by brokers on their sales of gemstones           
          to the public.  He opined that the public usually buys jewelry at           
          retail from jewelry stores that sell estate jewelry, that the               
          majority of buyers at public auctions are dealers, that the                 
          lowest level of sales prices for jewelry is found at auction, and           
          that jewelry usually passes from the dealer to the public through           
          retail jewelers with a dealer-to-retail-jeweler markup of 25 to             
          50 percent over cost and a retail-jeweler-to-public markup of 50            
          to 100+ percent over cost.  He opined that the wholesale prices             
          paid for gemstones by brokers was best ascertained from personal            
          experience and comparable sales and offers to sell.  He opined              
          that a broker’s commission on a sale of loose gemstones to the              
          public was typically 15 to 25 percent of the wholesale price.               
               The assets which we find were omitted from the taxable                 
          estate and the fair market values which we find for these assets            
          are as follows:8                                                            
          Assets Stipulated as to Existence                                           
          and Fair Market Value                                                       
               St. Gauden and other bullion coins                                     
          seized by respondent from the safe                                          
          deposit box                                       $50,000                   
               41 gold coins (different than the                                      
          St. Gauden and bullion coins just                                           
          listed) seized by respondent from                                           
          the safe deposit box                              104,500                   

               8 We provide below a brief description of the 25 seized                
          assets and list in parenthesis at the end of each description the           
          number and letter that corresponds to Carmona’s specific                    
          description in appendix A.                                                  

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