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          incorporated herein by this reference.  Petitioner William H.               
          Bruecher III (Mr. Bruecher) resided in Austin, Texas, and                   
          petitioner Bruecher Foundation Services, Inc. (Bruecher                     
          Foundation) had its principal place of business in Texas at the             
          time of the filing of the respective petitions.                             
               Mr. Bruecher started Bruecher Foundation as a sole                     
          proprietorship in 1989 and incorporated it in approximately 1994.           
          Bruecher Foundation was engaged in the business of repairing                
          foundations of homes and “light” apartment buildings.  Mr.                  
          Bruecher is the sole shareholder of Bruecher Foundation and its             
          chief executive.  He actively operates Bruecher Foundation.                 
               Bruecher Foundation has a history of not paying Mr. Bruecher           
          a salary or a dividend.  During the taxable years in issue, Mr.             
          Bruecher did not maintain a personal bank account.  Mr. Bruecher            
          used Bruecher Foundation’s bank account as his own, paying both             
          his personal expenses and some expenses related to his Schedule C           
          “landscaping/foundation” business from the corporate bank                   
          account.  During those years, Mr. Bruecher maintained a business            
          banking account for his Schedule C business, which account was              
          separate from Bruecher Foundation’s corporate banking account.              
          Bruecher Foundation characterized the payments of Mr. Bruecher’s            
          personal expenses as “advances”, recording the amounts paid on              
          his behalf on its books under the account heading “Advance -                
          Bruecher, WM.”                                                              

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Last modified: May 25, 2011