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                                        - 4 -                                         
                  Notice of Levy/Seizure                                              
                  1.   The tax payer [sic], Mr. Joseph Dostal,                        
                       files this Collection Due Process Hearing                      
                       based on the grounds that he anticipates                       
                       an Offer in Compromise disputing the                           
                       collectability of the herein mentioned                         
                       tax but does not dispute the amount of                         
                  2.   Tax Payer [sic] is currently experiencing                      
                       financial hardship and a levy it is felt                       
                       would constitute a substantial hardship                        
                       for tax payer [sic] and his family;                            
                  3.   Upon further examination, taxpayer should                      
                       be placed in “non-collectability status”                       
                       during the pendency of this appeal.                            

                  As contemplated in his request for hearing, petitioner              
             submitted an offer-in-compromise approximately 4 months                  
             later on August 20, 2003.  Petitioner offered to pay                     
             $20,000 to compromise the tax liabilities, plus any                      
             interest, penalties, additions to tax, and additional                    
             amounts required by law with respect to his individual                   
             income tax for tax years “2000, 2001 & 2002”.  As the                    
             reason for submitting the offer-in-compromise, petitioner                
             checked the box entitled “Effective Tax Administration”,                 
             which states as follows:                                                 

                  “I owe this amount and have sufficient assets to                    
                  pay the full amount, but due to my exceptional                      
                  circumstances, requiring full payment would cause                   
                  an economic hardship or would be unfair and                         
                  inequitable.”  You must include a complete                          
                  Collection Information Statement, Form 433-A                        
                  and/or Form 433-B and complete Item 9.                              

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Last modified: May 25, 2011