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             payments, copays, and costs of prescription medications.                 
             Petitioner’s attorney suggests that petitioner’s total                   
             monthly expenses are as follows:                                         

                  Health insurance premium                $560.00                     
                  Uninsured medical expenses              600.00                      
                  Unsecured debt finance charge      2,368.33                         
                  ($203,000 at 14 percent)                                            
                  Other expenses                         3,000.00                     
                  Total expenses                6,528.33                              

             Petitioner’s attorney does not reconcile the above monthly               
             expenses with those set forth on Form 433-A attached to                  
             the offer-in-compromise, which shows total monthly living                
             expenses of $5,972.                                                      
                  Petitioner was approximately 63 years of age when the               
             offer-in-compromise was submitted on his behalf.  He was                 
             self-employed as a stock broker.  He operated his business               
             through a subchapter S corporation, J Dostal Investments,                
             Inc., often referred to as J Dostal Investment, Inc.                     
             Petitioner’s wife, Teresa Dostal, formerly Teresa S.                     
             Fisher, was approximately 35 years of age at the time the                
             offer-in-compromise was submitted.  Ms. Dostal was vice                  
             president of J Dostal Investments, Inc., and owned                       
             50 percent of that entity.  She had a son, Adam, and a                   
             daughter, Natalie, who were 11 and 9 years of age,                       
             respectively, when the offer-in-compromise was submitted.                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011