Frederick W. Haas and Donna S. Haas - Page 7

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         purpose of the 10-percent additional tax was to discourage early             
         distributions from retirement plans because “Premature                       
         distributions frustrate the intention of saving for retirement”.             
         S. Rept. 93-383, at 134 (1974), 1974-3 C.B. (Supp.) 80, 213.                 
         Petitioners are therefore subject to the 10-percent additional               
         tax under section 72(t) on the distribution.                                 
              Reviewed and adopted as the report of the Small Tax Case                
                                            Decision will be entered for              
                                       respondent with respect to the                 
                                       deficiency, and decision will be               
                                       entered for petitioner with respect            
                                       to the section 6662(a) penalty.                

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