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               On November 24, 2003, a settlement officer with the Appeals            
          Office held a hearing with petitioner with respect to the notice            
          of intent to levy.  During that hearing, petitioner continued to            
          object on religious and moral grounds to paying tax.                        
               On April 27, 2004, petitioner sent a letter (petitioner’s              
          April 27, 2004 letter) to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in             
          Atlanta, Georgia.  That letter stated in pertinent part:                    
               For the last 3 years I have requested that all of my                   
               withholdings be returned on religious and moral                        
               grounds.  Even though I have cited examples of groups                  
               that claim this type of exemption you continue to deny                 
               it and at the same time refuse to provide 1 code refer-                
               ence to back up your claim that everyone must pay.  To                 
               date you are still holding $1700 of my money.                          
                    Enclosed you will find my 2003 return, including                  
               some of the documentation of my deductions which you                   
               have questioned in the past.  Also, you will find                      
               amended returns for 2002 & 2001.  It came to my atten-                 
               tion this year that the Child Tax Credit on line 49 did                
               not refer to the Earned Income Credit as I had thought.                
               It’s one of my long-standing opinions that our tax                     
               system itself is immoral and fraudulent since it’s                     
               impossible for anyone to know that they’ve paid the                    
               right amount.  This error has proved my point, espe-                   
               cially since you were trying to collect $503.33 even                   
               though you owe me $421.17.                                             
                    As I see it the 2001 return shows I owe $859, but                 
               the 2002 & 2003 returns leave $1629 in unclaimed cred-                 
               its.  Thus leaving more than enough to cover the debt                  
               and still restore the $652 paid in 2001.  Add the $421                 
               (2002) and $621 (2003) and you owe me $1700.  This                     
               won’t settle our dispute over our religious exemption                  
               issue but it will mean that none of my money has gone                  
               to fund abortions, and that is good enough for me now!                 
               Petitioner enclosed with petitioner’s April 27, 2004 letter            
          to the IRS Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return            

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