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               esting in the Miller decision that the Judge recognizes                
               “. . . their claim was cognizable under the Religious                  
               Freedom Restoration Act . . .”  So without having to                   
               get into a long discussion of why I don’t want to get                  
               my children into that fraudulent system at least my                    
               right to stay out is confirmed.  This same Judge goes                  
               on to support the IRS’s need for the TIN (not the SSN)                 
               for it’s work.  If the SSN, which is provided by the                   
               Social Security Administration were the only number                    
               available I’d say you had me over a barrel, but since                  
               the IRS also issues TIN’s there remains an option.  I                  
               saw at least six TIN categories listed on the IRS                      
               website.  I saw none that seemed to fit my requirements                
               but once the IRS offers the first alternative to a SSN                 
               the 14th Amendment kicks in and protects my right to                   
               chose that option.  Therefore I picked the form that                   
               seemed closest to my needs and have included it for                    
               your submission.  As a representative of the IRS you                   
               should be able to expedite the issuance of these num-                  
               bers and thus get this issue off the courts table.                     
               Please let me know if a different form or original                     
               documents are needed.                                                  
               Petitioner provided to respondent’s counsel with peti-                 
          tioner’s March 1, 2005 letter two altered Forms W-7, Application            
          for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (Form W-7),               
          that petitioner had prepared on behalf of his sons Caleb and                
          Joshua, respectively.  At all relevant times, Form W-7 was to be            
          used “by individuals who are not U.S. citizens or permanent                 
          residents.”  The alterations that petitioner made to those                  
          respective Forms W-7 included crossing out (1) the word “Individ-           
          ual” in the name of that form and (2) the word “foreign” that               
          appeared in that form where the applicant was to provide such               
          applicant’s “foreign address”.                                              
               On March 31, 2005, respondent’s counsel sent a letter                  
          (respondent’s counsel’s March 31, 2005 letter) to petitioner with           

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