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          bank account and loan documents pertaining to Mr. Runkle and the            
          Elknur Family Limited Partnership for the years at issue (the               
          bank summonses).  Mr. Runkle filed another petition with the                
          Indiana Federal District Court to quash the bank summonses.  The            
          Indiana Federal District Court again issued an order denying Mr.            
          Runkle’s petition to quash the bank summonses.                              
               In its order, however, the Indiana Federal District Court              
          granted the Elknur Family Limited Partnership’s unopposed motion            
          to intervene in the summons enforcement action.  Mr. Runkle                 
          testified that he considered the court’s granting the                       
          partnership’s motion to intervene to be a victory.  Mr. Runkle              
          shared this information with the American Institute, and the                
          American Institute assisted Mr. Runkle in contesting, on behalf             
          of the partnership, the bank summonses.  On October 28, 1996, the           
          Elknur Family Limited Partnership, through Mr. Runkle as one of             
          its general partners, filed its petition to quash the Garrett               
          State Bank summonses.  On January 6, 1997, the Indiana Federal              
          District Court issued its order rejecting as “simply meritless”             
          the partnership’s arguments to quash the bank summonses.                    
               Special Agent Fabina also caused summonses to be served on             
          Southwestern Life Insurance Co. and Union Bankers Insurance Co.             
          for information regarding insurance policies sold by and                    
          compensation paid to Mr. Runkle for 1991 through and including              
          1995 (the insurance company summonses).  On March 21, 1996, Mr.             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011