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               Mr. Fruitman and Mr. Adams negotiated a second Marital                 
          Settlement Agreement which incorporated a Domestic Relations                
          Order (DRO).  They submitted the proposed QDRO with their                   
          respective party’s approval to Lillick & Charles on May 28, 1999.           
          Ms. Seidel expressly waived all spousal support in the Marital              
          Settlement Agreement.                                                       
               Lillick & Charles advised Mr. Fruitman and Mr. Adams on June           
          7, 1999, that the proposed DRO was satisfactory, met the                    
          requirements of a QDRO, and that the plan administrator would               
          make the distribution pursuant to the QDRO.                                 
               On July 19, 1999, petitioner, Mr. Adams, Ms. Seidel, and Mr.           
          Fruitman signed a Stipulation and Order with respect to the QDRO.           
          This Stipulation and Order, which was stamped “Endorsed Filed               
          Aug. 3, 1999” by the California Superior Court, requested that              
          the court issue an order as follows:                                        
               1.  A completed Qualified Domestic Relations Order will be             
               prepared and submitted to the Plan for approval and the Plan           
               will advise counsel of their approval prior to the                     
               signatures of the parties and their counsel and prior to               
               the submission to the court.                                           
               The parties presently have a partial community interest                
               ($77,000.00) in Husband’s 401K and Husband has a partial               
               separate property interest in his 401K.  The parties agree             
               that the sum of SEVENTY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS AND ZERO                
               CENTS ($77,000.00) shall be withdrawn from the 401K plan in            
               Wife’s name, as an Alternate Payee, and paid over to                   
               Wife’s attorney.  The Plan’s administrators will                       
               automatically withhold a portion of the Federal and State              
               tax obligation resulting from early withdrawal of the funds.           
               Wife’s attorney will pay out of the remaining fund balance             
               an amount sufficient to pay off the two (2) debts owed to              
               First Community Financial Services (in the approximate                 

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