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               amount of $28,000), which are secured by a deed of trust on            
               Wife’s home.  The remaining fund balance shall be used to              
               pay Husband the sum of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS             
               ($10,000.00).  Any remaining balance shall belong to Wife.             
               Wife’s attorney shall accomplish all disbursements from the            
               withdrawn funds within thirty (30) days of receipt.  Any               
               proceeds remaining in Husband’s 401K plan shall be confirmed           
               to husband as his sole and separate property.                          
               The QDRO issued by the California Superior Court on August             
          3, 1999, was stamped “Endorsed Filed”.  This QDRO stated in                 
          paragraph 4:                                                                
               The AP [alternate payee] account will be distributed upon              
               receipt by the Plan of an endorsed filed copy of this                  
               Qualified Domestic Relations Order and an endorsed filed               
               copy of the Stipulation and Order that concerns this                   
               Qualified Domestic Relations Order.                                    
          Unlike the Stipulation and Order filed August 3, 1999, this QDRO            
          made no mention of the distribution of $10,000 to petitioner or             
          the distribution of funds to pay the debts secured by the deed of           
          trust.  However, the QDRO incorporated into its terms the                   
          Stipulation and Order.                                                      
               Ms. Seidel, through her attorney as her agent, received a              
          net distribution of $60,060 ($77,000 less Federal and State taxes           
          withheld of $16,940).  Ms. Seidel also received a Form 1099-R,              
          Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-               
          Sharing Plans, issued by New York Life Insurance Company for                
          taxable year 1999 reflecting a taxable distribution of $77,000.             
          Upon receipt of this distribution, Ms. Seidel did not redeposit             
          the funds into the CWSC 401(k) plan, nor did she roll the funds             

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