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          petitioner’s vice president).  Petitioner recruited its bingo,              
          instant pull-tab ticket, concession, and kitchen workers                    
          (collectively, nonofficer/nonsecurity guard workers) through                
          informal means such as by word of mouth.  All of petitioner’s               
          nonofficer/nonsecurity guard workers were trained by one of                 
          petitioner’s officers, Diane Whitaker (Whitaker).  Whitaker                 
          instructed those workers on how to handle money and how to keep             
          certain records.  Whitaker also scheduled petitioner’s gaming               
          activities and approved any time off taken by the nonofficer/               
          nonsecurity guard workers.  Whitaker (and/or another one of                 
          petitioner’s officers) informed these workers that they would be            
          paid in cash for their services and that they were not to discuss           
          this payment arrangement with anyone.                                       
               The services performed in the gaming operation by the                  
          nonofficer/nonsecurity guard workers were demanding, and it was             
          not easy for those workers to take a day off.  Many of those                
          workers were pressured to work in the bingo games on both                   
          Saturday and Sunday, were required to give advance notice for any           
          vacation time that they sought, and seldom received time off.               
          Petitioner required that its nonofficer/nonsecurity guard workers           
          who worked at the bingo games be at the bingo hall from 4:30 p.m.           
          until approximately just after 11:30 p.m.  As of the latter time,           
          the workers were then required to accompany Clausing (and/or                
          Carroll) to a bank where the receipts from that night’s                     

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Last modified: May 25, 2011