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          petitioner reportedly paid Clausing compensation of $4,800,                 
          $27,600, $32,428, and $41,627, respectively.  As to the gaming              
          operation, Clausing negotiated the bingo supply contracts, ran              
          the bingo games, handed out tickets at the bingo games, collected           
          the proceeds from petitioner’s sales of bingo cards and instant             
          pull-tab tickets, deposited most of petitioner’s daily proceeds             
          in the bank, prepared daily sheets, and managed petitioner’s                
          inventory (e.g., of instant pull-tab tickets).  Clausing also               
          each day visited the sites where petitioner sold its instant                
          pull-tab tickets and, when there, counted money and prepared                
          daily sheets.  As to petitioner’s activities other than the                 
          gaming operation (nongaming operation), Clausing ran petitioner’s           
          monthly board meetings, made annual decisions about grants, and             
          wrote checks to petitioner’s grant recipients.  The amount of               
          time that Clausing spent on petitioner’s nongaming operation was            
          substantially less than the amount of time that Clausing spent on           
          the gaming operation.                                                       
               Carroll was petitioner’s vice president in 1992 through 1995           
          and an administrator of its gaming operation in 1994 and 1995.              
          Carroll reportedly was not paid by petitioner in 1992 and 1993.             
          Petitioner reportedly paid Carroll $18,928 and $23,427 in 1994              
          and 1995, respectively.  Carroll worked for petitioner an average           
          of 10 hours per week in 1994 and an average of 40 hours per week            
          in 1995.  As part of his work for petitioner, Carroll sometimes             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011