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          1993, petitioner began suffering from bilateral tendinitis and              
          carpal tunnel syndrome.  Her carpal tunnel symptoms were minimal,           
          and surgery was not recommended for either condition.  Petitioner           
          also suffered from periods of depression.                                   
               During the years in issue, petitioner was employed by                  
          Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (Cypress) to lay out computer             
          chips.  Petitioner also operated her own startup network                    
          marketing business.                                                         
               At some point during 2000, Cypress transferred petitioner to           
          another job because her bilateral tendinitis and carpal tunnel              
          syndrome were aggravated by her chip-laying duties.  Petitioner             
          was unable to perform her new duties and was transferred back to            
          her former job.  During 2000 or 2001, petitioner’s medical                  
          conditions limited her to working only 4 hours a day.                       
               Petitioner owned several IRAs but became unhappy with the              
          rate of return from investments held in those accounts.  In 1999            
          and 2000, petitioner received distributions from her IRAs                   
          totaling $57,138 and reinvested the funds in non-IRA                        
               Petitioner did not file Federal income tax returns for the             

               3  During 1999, petitioner received a distribution of $4,992           
          from her Aim Family of Funds, Aim Balanced Fund B IRA. During               
          2000, she received the following distributions:  (1) $14,518 from           
          the Aim Constellation Fund A; (2) $14,871 from the Aim Value Fund           
          B; (3) $6,348 from the Aim Balanced Fund B; and (4) $16,409 from            
          the Aim Weingarten Fund A.                                                  

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