Transport Labor Contract/Leasing, Inc. & Subsidiaries - Page 6

                                        - 6 -                                         
          to 15 percent of the truck drivers whom its trucking company                
          clients referred to it.  TLC hired approximately 75 percent of              
          its driver-employees through referrals of trucking company                  
               TLC had the right to, and did, direct and control the work             
          and conduct of each driver-employee.  TLC exercised that right              
          through, inter alia, the driver-employee contract and the driver-           
          employee handbook (discussed below).  TLC required each driver-             
          employee whom it hired to sign a document entitled “DRIVER                  
          EMPLOYEE CONTRACT” (driver contract).  Each driver contract                 
          provided instructions for each driver-employee that required each           
          driver-employee, inter alia, to attend at least two safety                  
          meetings per year, not to be under the influence of alcohol while           
          performing services for TLC, not to consume illegal drugs, to               
          complete any paperwork required by TLC or its affiliates, and not           
          to allow any personal, legal, or financial problems, including              
          attitude, to interfere with the performance of services for TLC.            
          If a driver-employee failed to comply with those instructions,              
          TLC could terminate such driver-employee’s employment.                      
               When TLC hired each driver-employee, TLC gave such driver-             
          employee a truck driver handbook (TLC driver handbook).  The TLC            
          driver handbook, which was incorporated into and made part of the           
          driver contract, contained TLC’s detailed instructions that it              
          required each driver-employee to follow with respect to, inter              

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Last modified: May 25, 2011