Transport Labor Contract/Leasing, Inc. & Subsidiaries - Page 9

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          leasing a driver-employee to a trucking company client, TLC had             
          the right to lease that driver-employee to another trucking                 
          company client and thereby assign additional projects to such               
               If a trucking company client no longer wanted or needed the            
          services of a particular driver-employee, TLC did not continue              
          leasing such driver-employee to that trucking company client.  In           
          that event, TLC attempted to lease such driver-employee to                  
          another trucking company client.  TLC frequently was successful             
          in reassigning a driver-employee from one trucking company client           
          that no longer wished to use such driver-employee to another                
          trucking company client.  TLC also reassigned to another trucking           
          company client any driver-employee who no longer wished to work             
          with a particular trucking company client to which TLC had                  
          assigned such driver-employee.  If a driver-employee refused such           
          reassignment, TLC treated him or her as having voluntarily                  
          terminated his or her employment with TLC and contested any                 
          unemployment claims that such driver-employee filed.9                       
               Each of TLC’s driver-employees who was engaged in over-the-            
          road trucking paid for food and beverage expenses while traveling           
          away from home.  TLC generally made payments of per diem amounts            
          to each such driver-employee that TLC intended to cover such food           

               9Because of the large number of driver-employees and the low           
          rate of successful claims, TLC usually paid the minimum rate                
          imposed by the applicable State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA).                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011