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               During 1995, petitioner and Mr. Glaze maintained a joint               
          checking account.  Both petitioner and Mr. Glaze deposited their            
          respective income into the joint checking account.  Petitioner              
          occasionally reviewed the bank statements regarding their joint             
          checking account and used the joint checking account to pay joint           
          household expenses.                                                         
               Petitioner knew that Mr. Glaze drove a truck for Mayflower             
          and knew he was receiving wage income from Mayflower.  Also,                
          during 1995, petitioner received gifts from Mr. Glaze, one of               
          which was $500 that she used as a downpayment for the purchase of           
          a 1984 Toyota Corolla.                                                      
               On October 18, 1996, petitioner and Mr. Glaze delinquently             
          filed their 1995 joint Federal income tax return.  On their Form            
          1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, petitioner and Mr. Glaze           
          reported wage income of $27,382.1  Petitioner and Mr. Glaze also            
          reported $35,831 in unreimbursed employee business expenses on              
          their 1995 joint income tax return.  However, petitioner and Mr.            
          Glaze failed to report:  (1) $36,400 of wage income received by             
          Mr. Glaze from Mayflower; and (2) $24 of interest income received           
          jointly by petitioner and Mr. Glaze from the U.S. Treasury.                 
               Petitioner and Mr. Glaze’s 1995 joint income tax return                
          reported a refund due of $2,265.  Petitioner and Mr. Glaze                  

          1This amount consists of petitioner’s wage income received                  
          from Scottish Rite and Mr. Glaze’s wage income received from                
          Melton Truck Lines, rounded to the nearest dollar.                          

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