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          house.  Petitioner worked for Mr. McMickle from November 18,                
          2003, until the first week of January 2004.  Petitioner also took           
          unpaid time off in November and December for the Thanksgiving and           
          Christmas holidays.                                                         
               In his new job, petitioner received the same salary he                 
          earned at AquaProof ($12.50 per hour).  There was no written                
          employment contract between petitioner and Mr. McMickle.                    
          Petitioner did not receive any benefits, such as health insurance           
          or vacation time.  Petitioner worked together with Mr. McMickle             
          and other workers.  Petitioner was paid by cash weekly each                 
          Friday.  Petitioner worked no more than 27 days during 2003 for             
          Mr. McMickle.                                                               
               In early January 2004, however, petitioner realized that the           
          wages he was receiving from Mr. McMickle were insufficient to               
          meet his bills.  Petitioner thereafter quit his job.  Sometime in           
          February or March 2004, petitioner returned to work for                     
               Although petitioner provided his Social Security number to             
          Mr. McMickle at the start of his employment and signed a “tax               
          form”, he never received a Form W-2 or any other tax information            
          from Mr. McMickle for taxable year 2003.  Petitioner filed a Form           
          1040EZ, Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers With No               
          Dependents, for the 2003 tax year on which he reported the income           

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