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          stopped residing in the trailer, but petitioner continued to live           
          there until around mid-February 2003.3  Petitioner was unable to            
          afford the payments for the mortgage loan, ground rent, and                 
          utilities with respect to the trailer after Ms. Wus stopped                 
          residing there.                                                             
               Around mid-February 2003, petitioner moved to a duplex                 
          located at 299 Barney Jenkins Road, Felton, Delaware (Barney                
          Jenkins Road property), that a friend of his owned.  While                  
          residing at the Barney Jenkins Road property, petitioner paid his           
          friend $300 a month and shared an undisclosed amount of utility             
               Sometime between the end of September or October 2003 and              
          mid-November 2003, petitioner moved to a house located on 268 Fox           
          Road, Dover, Delaware (Fox Road property), that his mother owned.           
          While residing at the Fox Road property in 2003, petitioner paid            
          his mother, who was living in Florida, $125 a week.                         
               During 2003, petitioner, who worked as a plumber, and Ms.              
          Wus were not married, lived in separate residences, and had no              
          custody agreement concerning their daughter A who was four years            
               During 2003, Ms. Wus received public assistance for A’s                
          benefit from the State of Delaware, which listed Ms. Wus as the             

               3There is no reliable evidence in the record establishing              
          where the children lived after Ms. Wus stopped residing in the              

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