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          custodial parent of A.  During that year, Medicaid, and not                 
          petitioner, provided healthcare benefits to A.  During 2003,                
          petitioner did not apply for food stamps or any other type of               
          public assistance for his daughter A.                                       
               During 2003, petitioner and Ms. Wus each asked Rosemary                
          Srase (Ms. Srase) to babysit the children at Ms. Srase’s home.              
          Ms. Srase was a longtime friend of petitioner and his mother who            
          used to babysit petitioner when he was a child.  Approximately              
          two to three times a week during 2003, Ms. Srase usually babysat            
          the children at her home for a few hours during the evenings.               
          Occasionally during 2003, she babysat them during the daytime and           
          overnight on weekends.  During 2003, petitioner did not pay cash            
          to Ms. Srase for babysitting the children for him.  Instead, he             
          did work for her at her home.  Most of the time during 2003 that            
          Ms. Srase babysat the children, she provided them with some food            
          at her own expense.  At no time during 2003 before petitioner               
          moved to the Fox Road property did Ms. Srase babysit the children           
          at petitioner’s residence or personally observe them at peti-               
          tioner’s residence.  When petitioner moved into the Fox Road                
          property, Ms. Srase observed the children at that property.                 
               On at least certain days during the period January 2 through           
          March 31, 2003, the Dover Educational & Community Daycare Center            
          (Daycare Center) provided daycare for the children.  On most, but           
          not all, of such days, Ms. Wus brought the children to, and                 

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