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          Petitioner resided in Woodhaven, New York, at the time that he              
          filed his petition.                                                         
               On July 5, 1990, petitioner was injured on the job while               
          employed as a salesman for American Cablevision of Queens                   
          (American), a subsidiary of American Television & Communications            
          Corp. (ATC), now known as Time Warner.  Petitioner has not                  
          returned to work since the time of the injury.  American                    
          determined that petitioner was totally disabled as a result of              
          the injury.  Petitioner was covered, at the time, by a disability           
          insurance plan issued by Connecticut General, a subsidiary of               
          Cigna Group Insurance (Cigna).  Under the “Summary Plan                     
          Description”, it is stated that “the cost of the Plan is paid by            
          the sponsor”.  The sponsor, as designated in the summary plan               
          description, was ATC.  The Group Long Term Disability Policy,               
          policy No. 0415174-03, effective January 1, 1983, provided that,            
          in the event of total disability, the insured would qualify for             
          the monthly benefit.  The monthly benefit for any month was                 
          66-2/3 percent of the insured’s monthly basic earnings at the               
          time that he became totally disabled, less any applicable                   
          adjustments.  Pursuant to this policy, Connecticut General paid             
          disability benefits to petitioner from October 1990 through March           
               On or about April 1, 1995, Connecticut General ceased paying           
          disability benefits to petitioner.  Petitioner retained Quadrino            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011