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          & Schwartz, on a contingent fee basis, to pursue litigation                 
          against Connecticut General.  On November 20, 1998, Quadrino &              
          Schwartz filed a complaint on behalf of petitioner against                  
          Connecticut General in the U.S. District Court, Southern District           
          of New York, docket No. 98 CV 8522 (JSM), seeking declaratory               
          relief that petitioner was disabled and covered under the terms             
          of the policy, payment of past due benefits, and payment of                 
          continuing benefits.  Petitioner and Connecticut General settled            
          the case in July 2002.                                                      
               The settlement agreement, signed by petitioner, provided               
          that Connecticut General--                                                  
               shall issue a settlement check in the amount of * * *                  
               $252,317.62 payable to QUADRINO & SCHWARTZ as attorneys                
               for CLIFF CONNORS for all of the back benefits which                   
               are payable under the terms of the policy and interest                 
               on all of the back benefits in the amount of * * * 4.5                 
               percent compounded annually.                                           
          Additionally, the settlement provided that Connecticut General              
          “shall pay future benefits to CLIFF CONNORS as per the terms of             
          the policy and issue monthly checks payable to ‘QUADRINO &                  
          SCHWARTZ as Attorneys for CLIFF CONNORS.’”                                  
               Connecticut General issued a settlement check to “Quadrino &           
          Schwartz as Attorneys for Cliff Connors” in the amount of                   
          $252,317.62.  It also issued checks to “Cliff Connors c/o                   
          Quadrino & Schwartz” for June and July disability payments.                 
          Quadrino & Schwartz made payments to petitioner, out of the                 
          escrow account maintained for petitioner, as follows:  $59,286.51           

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