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          the spoken message and transmits the text to the TTY.  TRS is               
          available in all States in the United States and, as required by            
          law, is provided free of charge by the local telephone company.             
          Normal charges do apply to long distance telephone calls.  TRS is           
          available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.                                
          AdaCom Technology                                                           
               During the years at issue, AdaCom maintained a computer with           
          TTY software to allow a hearing-impaired person to use a TTY to             
          call the AdaCom computer.  The computer then sent the text to a             
          program subscriber who was required to have a computer with a               
          standard modem.                                                             
               A program subscriber could also use his computer equipped              
          with a modem to contact the AdaCom computer to initiate calls to            
          a TTY user.  The AdaCom computer was available 7 days per week,             
          24 hours per day.                                                           
               If a program subscriber was unavailable when an attempt was            
          made by the AdaCom computer to contact him, a message was                   
          transmitted that could be retrieved at a later time.  Once a                
          communication was completed, the text of the communication was              
          deleted from the AdaCom computer.                                           
               Program subscribers were listed in the AdaCom yellow pages             
          directory.  The AdaCom yellow pages directory listed only the               
          subscribers to the program and contained information on how to              

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