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          from 1980 until 1990.  Ms. Clark was again employed at BBTS from            
          1995 until the summer of 1999.  During the latter period of                 
          employment, Ms. Clark and petitioner were engaged in an                     
          extramarital relationship, including while petitioner was married           
          to Carrie White (Ms. White) and Ms. Clark was married to Ted                
               Ms. Ellis began working for BBTS in 1988, left employment in           
          1990, and returned to BBTS in 1991 and continued to work there              
          until January 2001, when her employment was terminated.  Ms.                
          Ellis was responsible for bookkeeping and accounting.  Ms. Ellis            
          had signatory authority over BBTS’s corporate checking account.             
          She also signed payroll checks on behalf of BBTS during the                 
          period of the alleged embezzlement.  Ms. Ellis paid petitioner’s            
          personal bills, such as telephone, power, etc., from BBTS and               
          charged the amounts as shareholder distributions.                           
               Ms. Ellis and Ms. Clark provided petitioner with operating             
          cash from BBTS’s corporate accounts at least weekly, except for             
          the periods when petitioner was on vacation or engaged in                   
          vocational training.  The cash was provided to petitioner by Ms.            
          Ellis’s writing a check to petitioner and endorsing it.  Then,              
          she or Ms. Clark would cash the check and either deliver the cash           
          to petitioner or leave it in his office desk.  Petitioner used              
          the cash for expenses (cash expenses) incurred in the field,                
          including but not limited to, maintenance and repairs to trucks             

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