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               or their representative to present information describing              
               the actual split shall require the use of Option “B”.                  
                         Option B:                                                    
                         An hourly rate “in lieu” of actual tips will be              
               determined by the method set out in Appendix [D].  In order            
               to exercise this option: (i) the toke committee or other               
               Employee representative must maintain a daily record of the            
               total tips received and the number of Employees receiving a            
               share of split of those tips; (ii) the toke committee or               
               other representative must make available those records of              
               daily tips to validate the “in lieu” rate; and (iii) the               
               Employees must continue pooling tips in the same or larger             
                         2)   Other Tipped Employees                                  
                         Based on information available to the Employer,              
               historical information provided by the Service, and                    
               generally accepted accounting principles, the Employer will            
               establish tip rates for categories or subcategories of                 
               employees.  These rates will specify tips received, either             
               by hour or by shift, depending on the nature of the work               
               The initial rates agreed to by the Employer and the Service            
               will remain in effect through December 31, 1993.  The rates            
               shall thereafter be reviewed and revised (if necessary) no             
               more frequently than annually, unless there is a 20%                   
               decrease in the Employer’s gross monthly revenue compared to           
               the same month of the previous year.                                   
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
               VII. ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS                                             
                    The additional terms and conditions set forth in                  
               attachment “D” are incorporated into and made a part of this           
               The tip rates discussed in section V of the Tip Compliance             
          Program Agreement were established in an addendum to the Tip                
          Compliance Program Agreement.  The addendum states, in pertinent            
          part, as follows:                                                           

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