US Tax Court Opinions 2006

Case NameReleased
Haron M. and Aurora L. Veras1/3/2006
Phyllis J. Merendino1/3/2006
Michael Davon Westbrook1/3/2006
Larry D. and Sheryl J. Svoboda1/3/2006
Shane Nolan and Monika Anne Lewis1/3/2006
Thomas and Sarah G. Ackerman1/4/2006
Judith A. Madden1/5/2006
Llwellyn Greene-Thapedi1/12/2006
Danny C. Ly1/12/2006
Exxon Mobil Corporation and Affilliated Companies, f.k.a. Exxon Corporation and Affiliated Companies1/17/2006
Janice Bullock1/17/2006
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and Subsidiaries1/17/2006
Claude E. and Dana L. Salazar1/18/2006
Desta Taye-Channell and Bruce C. Channell1/18/2006
Walter Michael Alley1/19/2006
Lois E. Ordlock1/19/2006
Betty Kendrix1/23/2006
Loran J. Forbes1/24/2006
Steve Gerald Huisenfeldt1/24/2006
Conrad Fitzgerald Lewis1/24/2006
Dave Arnett1/25/2006
Michael W. Allen1/25/2006
Layvonne Newell1/25/2006
Norman John Haas III and Susan Renee Haas1/26/2006
Terry Fred Burnham1/26/2006
Swallows Holding, Ltd.1/26/2006
Tribune Company, as Agent of and Successor by Merger to the Former The Times Mirror Company, Itself and Its Consolidated Subsidiaries1/26/2006
Richard Bradley1/26/2006
Ana Maria Rodriguez1/26/2006
Rick D. Lamb and Susan L. Story1/30/2006
Kristin J. Calitri1/30/2006
Paul Thomas Demos1/30/2006
Gabriel T. Lewis1/30/2006
Millard J. and Jacquie M. Scott1/30/2006
Christine Kenton & Greg Braden1/31/2006
Maria Rosa Bland1/31/2006
John V. Maher1/31/2006
Elizabeth Giles1/31/2006
Howard J. Kaplan and Brenda L. Kaplan, et al.2/2/2006
Michael R. Motsko, Petitioner, and Cheryl Manns, Intervenor2/2/2006
Kimberley A. Parlin2/6/2006
Tony G. and Roberta A. Montgomery2/6/2006
Lynda Diane Sampson-Gray2/6/2006
Patricia D. Arias2/7/2006
Images in Motion of El Paso, Inc.2/7/2006
Jorge Torres2/7/2006
John F. and Carolyn J. Joseph2/8/2006
Russell Whiting Packer2/8/2006
William Reese2/9/2006
Stacey Lynn. Reese2/13/2006
Teresa J. Fox2/13/2006
James Castagnetta2/13/2006
168 Garment, Inc. et al.2/14/2006
Peter F. & Maureen L. Speltz2/14/2006
Zalman Melnik and Lea Melnik2/15/2006
Fred Deutsch2/15/2006
Phyllis E. Campbell2/15/2006
Robert Musselman and Adrianne Magd2/15/2006
David B. and Sharon J. D'Amours2/16/2006
Douglas L. and Nancy H. Maxfield2/16/2006
Deborah Ann Puckett2/16/2006
Daniel R. Allemeier, Jr.2/16/2006
Scott Lynd Symonds2/21/2006
Frederick Douglas Abdullah2/21/2006
Nathaniel A. McCullough, Jr.2/21/2006
Roger L. Sherer2/21/2006
Richard Orin Berge2/21/2006
Huon Pen2/22/2006
Brenda J. Clarrk2/22/2006
Ralph E. and Mildred E. Galyen2/22/2006
Janet H. Krasner, Petitioner, and Paul Krasner , Intervenor2/23/2006
Searcy M. Ferguson, Jr., and Elizabeth L. Ferguson2/27/2006
Omar Urbina Pineda2/27/2006
Charles E. & Sandra A. Anderson2/27/2006
Estate of Lorraine C. Disbrow, Deceased, Martha D. Johnson, Executrix2/28/2006
Ron Lykins, Inc.3/2/2006
William D. and Betty J. Boyd3/2/2006
M. Michael Stewart3/2/2006
PK Ventures, Inc. and Subsidiaries, et al.3/7/2006
Arthur A. Lemann III and Roberta A. Lemann3/7/2006
Robert William Woods3/9/2006
Jacqueline and Theodore Major Green3/9/2006
Anschutz Company and Subsidiaries3/13/2006
Robert Ho3/14/2006
Terrie Elaine Banks3/14/2006
Roy Jay Stallard3/15/2006
Leonard O. Parker, Jr.3/15/2006
Russell Clifford Mullen and Joan Marie Mullen3/16/2006
Samuel A. Cole3/16/2006
Estate of Burton W. Kanter, Deceased, Joshua S. Kanter, Independent Administrator3/16/2006
Carl F. and Frances R. Butler3/16/2006
Robert B. Keenan3/16/2006
Jayesh B. and Devsmita J. Patel3/16/2006
Diep N. Hoang3/20/2006
Jesse and Tawara Goode3/21/2006
Paul A. Gaskins3/21/2006
Henry B. and Angela E. Davis Martins3/22/2006
Anthony LaCarter Dorsey and Annette LaVerne Dorsey3/22/2006
James Curtis Barrett3/22/2006
Felix and Liliana P. Prakasam3/23/2006
Ellis E. Neder, Jr.3/23/2006
L. Ben Smith & Carol Smith3/23/2006
David H. Saxon3/23/2006
Karen McManus3/27/2006
Eric B. Benson, et al.3/27/2006
Estate of Claude C. Focardi, Deceased, Nina M. Focardi, Personal Representative3/27/2006
Henry Nino3/28/2006
Karen V. Hough3/28/2006
Clifford Ray Wood, Sr. and Danielle Denise Levering-Wood3/29/2006
Marilyn Stringham, a.k.a. Marilyn Olsen, Petitioner, and Forrest Bird, Intervenor3/29/2006
Andrew J. Eberly and Ruthanne E. Eberly3/29/2006
Daniel Aaron Baker3/29/2006
David E. Christensen3/30/2006
Mazhar Tabrezi, f.k.a. Agha Hussain, and Sajida Razvi3/30/2006
Richard A. Paikowski4/3/2006
Ian G. Koblick and Tonya A. Koblick4/3/2006
David M. Sears and Carol L. McCabe4/3/2006
Wayne Curtis Siron4/4/2006
Ruth Ann Gillings4/4/2006
Thomas Butti4/5/2006
Sue Taylor4/6/2006
Daniel C. McManus4/10/2006
Michael and Penny Rhodes4/11/2006
Stephen Daryl Royal4/11/2006
Melvin D. Lee4/11/2006
Homer L. Richardson4/11/2006
Stephen Daryl Royal4/11/2006
Robert E. and Lori K. Reichner4/11/2006
Tommy Ho Ching Cheng4/12/2006
Charles E. Lewis4/12/2006
John Bothe & Barbara Bothe4/12/2006
Estate of Pearl I. Amlie, Deceased, Rodney B. Amlie, Executor4/17/2006
Ester A. D'Avilar4/17/2006
Melissa L. Moloney4/17/2006
Samie M. and Nora L. Finch4/17/2006
James E. Jenkins and Ruth A. Jenkins4/17/2006
Alvin S. Kanofsky4/18/2006
Sid Paul Ruckriegel4/18/2006
Kenneth David Perry and Linda Ruth Perry4/18/2006
Investment Research Associates, Inc.4/18/2006
Sedrick Celestin4/19/2006
Scott Ray Holmes4/19/2006
Beverly Johnson4/19/2006
Emmanuel & Cecilia Abloso4/19/2006
Norma K. Litton4/19/2006
Milton D. and Linda M. Peebles4/19/2006
Ken M. Guthrie, Jr.4/19/2006
Linda L. Domanico and Anthony M. Domanico4/19/2006
Richard C. and Mary Jo Runyan4/19/2006
NT, Inc. d.b.a. Natures Touch4/19/2006
Edward C. and Susan R. Hanna4/19/2006
Bernhard F. and Cynthia G. Manko4/20/2006
James Weldon Aaron4/24/2006
Harvey L. Hoover4/24/2006
Larry G. and Mary L. Bangs4/24/2006
Charles McHan and Martha McHan4/24/2006
Elaine Hang4/25/2006
Lloyd Pragasam4/25/2006
Caspian Consulting Group, Inc.4/25/2006
Joel Rappaport4/25/2006
Michael A. Zapara and Gina A. Zapara4/25/2006
Robert J. Merlo4/25/2006
Gregory C. & Kristine J. Schick4/26/2006
Gerald R. Tassielli4/26/2006
Walter Joseph Hess4/26/2006
George B.N. Ayittey4/26/2006
Gregory S. Robinette4/26/2006
Michael P. Tulay4/26/2006
Bradley W. Bean4/26/2006
Richard L. and Stephanie S. Barbee4/27/2006
Todd B. Guthrie5/1/2006
Garwood Irrigation Company5/1/2006
Jerry and Patricia A. Dixon, et al.5/2/2006
Clenzo and Louella Knox5/2/2006
Lawrence Horowitz5/2/2006
Andrea McQuarrie5/2/2006
Anne C. Snyder5/2/2006
Charles M. Rideaux5/3/2006
Louis A. and Christine Cox5/3/2006
Mars's Contractors, Inc., A Florida Corporation5/3/2006
Untayia L. Chizer5/3/2006
Al Sampson5/8/2006
Theodus J. Jordan5/8/2006
Peabody Natural Resources Company, f.k.a. Hanson Natural Resources Company, Cavenham Forest Industries, Inc., A Partner Other Than The Tax Matters Partner5/8/2006
Michael W. and Caroline P. Huber et al.5/9/2006
Jerry and Patricia A. Dixon, et al.5/10/2006
Ronald and Barbara Carter5/10/2006
Eugenie Denise Mitchell5/11/2006
Bryant M. Hartfield5/11/2006
Norman P. Schneller5/11/2006
L.S. Vines5/11/2006
Daniel J. Ford5/11/2006
Daniel D. McBol Aruai5/11/2006
Charles Leonard Braden and Joice Stieber Braden5/11/2006
Charles A. Schneller5/11/2006
Kenneth A. Sapp5/15/2006
Susan F. Mostafa5/15/2006
Bradley K. Morrison5/15/2006
Carol A. Johanson and Alfred F. Melzig, Jr.5/15/2006
Michael Forbes Dehoney5/16/2006
Dow A. and Sandra E. Huffman, et al.5/16/2006
James Lee Moore5/16/2006
James D. and Beverly H. Turner5/16/2006
Deborah A. Messina5/16/2006
Joseph Orlando Beckford5/16/2006
Jerry Washington5/16/2006
Greg A. Bell5/22/2006
Jon David Cooksey5/22/2006
Russel S. Bankson5/22/2006
Charles Raymond Wheeler5/22/2006
Mark E. Picou5/22/2006
Jean-Remy Facq and Jennifer Huff-Facq5/23/2006
Janine H. Hansen5/23/2006
Geraldine Ann Peck5/23/2006
Robert D. and Patricia M. Braun5/23/2006
Marcia Ann Coppertino5/24/2006
Keith M. Felder5/25/2006
Juanita Doby5/25/2006
Lampanh and Sykhane Pchan5/25/2006
Jeffrey Ercolino5/30/2006
Richard A. Mullen5/30/2006
Bentley Court II Limited Partnership, B.F. Bentley, Inc., Tax Matters Partner5/31/2006
Hugh G. and Norma J. King5/31/2006
Estate of Lillie Rosen, Deceased, Ilene Field and Herbert Silver, Co-Personal Representatives6/1/2006
Robert E. and Mary K. Adams6/1/2006
William E. Johnson6/6/2006
Gunasundran R. Pillay and Kalaivani Govender6/8/2006
Timothy J. Coburn6/8/2006
Leonard O. Parker, Jr.6/8/2006
Hector Prowse6/12/2006
William C. and Josephine Houchin6/12/2006
Gary Lee Gunton6/13/2006
Mark D.George6/13/2006
Joseph V. Metallic6/13/2006
People Place Auto Hand Carwash, LLC6/14/2006
Anschutz Company and Subsidiaries6/14/2006
Timothy J. and Joan M. Miller6/15/2006
John P. and Sharon Lynn6/19/2006
John F. Weber6/19/2006
Chester H. and Michelle R. Rossman6/20/2006
Richard A. and Elaine C. Murray6/20/2006
Diana Cote6/21/2006
Norman W. Klootwyk6/22/2006
Michael W. Keller6/22/2006
Thomas H. Cassel III & Jonita M. Cassel6/26/2006
E.J. Harrison & Sons, Inc.6/26/2006
Scott and Soraya Malowney6/27/2006
James A. Shinault6/27/2006
Rajesh Prabhakar6/27/2006
William King Alt and Barbara G. Alt6/27/2006
Janice G. Spencer and Fred E. Egerton6/27/2006
Donald P. Arnett6/27/2006
Paul W. and Debbie K. Colozza6/27/2006
Shaun Dion Brandon7/5/2006
Aaron T. and Linda K. Ball7/5/2006
James O. Jondahl7/5/2006
Estate of John L. Baird, Deceased, Ellen B. Kirkland and J. Samuel Baird, Co-Executors7/5/2006
Cynthia P. Bullock7/5/2006
Geoffrey K. J. Yuen7/5/2006
Michael Gregorian and Yolanda Gregorian a.k.a. Yolanda Trelles7/6/2006
Austin L. Mitchell and Rebecca A. Mitchell7/6/2006
Kent E. Hovind7/6/2006
John H. Webster7/6/2006
William Anthony Knipp7/6/2006
Terry Nathan Norman7/10/2006
Henry Link7/10/2006
Randy Gene and Kathie J. Shreve7/10/2006
Joseph and Marlene Schnell7/10/2006
Ella M. Royster7/12/2006
Christine L. Gibbons7/13/2006
Darren M. Parker7/13/2006
Shirley H. Startzman, Petitioner, and Larry G. Easler, Intervenor7/13/2006
Robert Conde Del'Giudice7/17/2006
Michael E. and Laura A. Taylor7/17/2006
Warren McKinnley Dowdy7/17/2006
John R. Ray IV and Rochelle L. Ray7/17/2006
Tunji and Christina Mabinuori7/17/2006
Rose M. Munoz7/17/2006
Cyrus Bartholomew Dazzel7/18/2006
William E. and Karen L. Kivett7/18/2006
Charles Michael Snyder7/18/2006
Sylvester H. Cain7/19/2006
Roy and Antonette Barnes7/24/2006
Gregory Drake7/24/2006
David E. Caruso, Jr. and Barbara Caruso7/24/2006
Nasser and Scottiann Zamani7/24/2006
Ferrel Benjamin Gibbs7/24/2006
Charlotte and Charles T. Gee7/24/2006
Peter K. Chow7/24/2006
Herbert V. Kohler, Jr., et al.7/25/2006
David Bruce Billings7/25/2006
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation7/25/2006
Timothy C. Robbins7/26/2006
Patrick J. McGowan7/27/2006
Cheryl McKnight7/27/2006
Ronald A. and Carol J. Lehrer7/31/2006
John M. and Thelma Smoll7/31/2006
Rocke Richard LaBozetta7/31/2006
Thomas W. and Pamela A. Hill7/31/2006
Steven Arnold Diem7/31/2006
Walter A. and Alfreda Kocot8/1/2006
Sherif S. Abdelhak a.k.a. Samuel A. Abel8/1/2006
Tommie and Felecia Vernell Wilder8/1/2006
Michael Byer8/2/2006
Paul Bi-Yang Chen and Chiu-Mei Chen8/8/2006
Kevin L. and Victoria L. Hargrove, et al.8/8/2006
Gary C. and Maru E. Johansen8/10/2006
Michael Keller8/14/2006
Charles F. Smith8/14/2006
Marc A. Clampitt8/14/2006
Leatherstocking 1983 Partnership, Sam I. Brown, A Partner Other Than The Tax Matters Partner8/14/2006
Robert C. and Gail K. Racine8/14/2006
Alfonso J. and Elena L. Diaz del Castillo8/14/2006
Mark Spitz8/15/2006
Louis M. Pavich8/15/2006
Michael Rosen8/16/2006
Richard D. Irving and Cynthia A. Burrough Irving8/16/2006
Brian F. Nicely8/17/2006
Wechsler & Co., Inc.8/17/2006
J. Jean Moore8/17/2006
Michael D. and Christine R. Alexander8/21/2006
Charles Horton Devers8/21/2006
John S. and Christobel D. Rendall8/21/2006
Thomas R. Jones8/22/2006
Diana Stroud, Petitioner, and Thomas M. Stroud, Intervenor8/22/2006
Warren L. Owens8/22/2006
Larry J. and Anita L. Lundgren8/23/2006
Dwight Schwersensky8/24/2006
Patricia Agnes Williams, Debbie Wales, Next Friend8/28/2006
Kevin Orlando McClain8/28/2006
Nield and Linda Montgomery8/28/2006
Brett Alan Combs8/28/2006
Anthony and Lena C. Andre8/28/2006
Pamela L. Light8/28/2006
Barry Shrier8/29/2006
Khen T. Huynh8/29/2006
John Joe Wilson8/29/2006
Estate of Anthony J. Tamulis, Deceased, Wanda Rodgerson, Executor and Trustee8/29/2006
Roxanne M. Toppi8/29/2006
Chi Wai8/29/2006
William H. and Sandra G. Flank8/29/2006
Helen M. Korchak8/30/2006
Alan H. Ginsburg and Estate of Harriet F. Ginsburg, Deceased, Alan H. Ginsburg, Personal Representative8/30/2006
Edwin J. Dunbar, Jr.8/30/2006
Larry J. and Catherine E. France8/30/2006
Rudolph Harris, Sr., and Verline Harris8/30/2006
Dale Kinslow8/30/2006
Rhett Rance Smith and Alice Avila Smith8/31/2006
Donald and Yvonne Clayton9/5/2006
Hoyt W. and Barbara D. Young, et al.9/6/2006
Jerry and Patricia A. Dixon, et al.9/7/2006
Gary Lyle Gibson and Mirian Julia Alves9/11/2006
Blair Hanloh9/11/2006
Kai H. and Susanna Lee9/11/2006
ABC Beverage Corp., f.k.a. Beverage America, Inc.9/11/2006
Melvin Ray Hassell9/11/2006
Thomas and Janice Gleason9/11/2006
Woodrow Reynolds9/11/2006
Francis E. and Linda A. Falcone9/12/2006
Curtis D. Custis9/13/2006
Darin Warfield and Sharon Hardin9/13/2006
Anthony Muhammad9/13/2006
Harry Lewis9/13/2006
James Warren9/13/2006
Frank Harrell9/13/2006
Charles E. Townsend9/14/2006
J. McLean and Judy A. Durfey9/14/2006
Gregory T. Mays and Nadine King-Mays9/14/2006
Donna G. Faircloth, f.k.a. Donna G. Murray9/14/2006
Robert G. and Lana L. Gale9/14/2006
Oren L. Benton9/14/2006
Gary H. and L. Marianne Bell9/14/2006
Helena Anne Phillipson9/14/2006
Charles H. Little III9/14/2006
Kathleen Sullivan Alioto9/18/2006
Regina Felton, PC9/18/2006
Bruce K. and Marina V. Ney9/19/2006
Medical Transportation Management Corporation9/19/2006
Henry John Uscinski9/19/2006
Orlando J. and Christina E. Guerrero9/20/2006
Santiago L. Garcia9/25/2006
Gary M. Jadro9/25/2006
Donald Ertz9/25/2006
Jerre Marvine Wood9/25/2006
Charles J. Olintz9/25/2006
Terri L and Austin W. Hartsock9/25/2006
Omnitec Corporation, An Administratively Dissolved Corporation, Leland V. Lammert, President9/25/2006
Debo Joel Ogungbade9/26/2006
Xhevair Ferko9/26/2006
Joseph and Theresa Momot9/26/2006
Claire C. Meade, Petitioner and James W. Meade, Intervenor9/27/2006
Marcus C. Seay9/27/2006
Gerry M. Griggs9/27/2006
Orion Contracting Trust, Kevin Peter Carmel, General Manager9/27/2006
Kathlyn S. Starbuck9/27/2006
Robert Dallas9/28/2006
John N. Sweeney10/3/2006
William A. Stewart10/3/2006
Laura J. and Robert L. Evans.10/3/2006
K & M La Botica Pharmacy, Incorporated, Et Al.10/4/2006
Judith A. Sanders-Castro10/4/2006
Leonard Salesky10/5/2006
Estate of Sarah M. Davenport, Deceased, Richard Davenport, Executor10/5/2006
Carlos H. and Maria C. Gonzalez10/10/2006
Barry and Sherry Blondheim10/10/2006
Jonathan N. and Kimberly A. Palahnuk10/11/2006
Lawrence K. and Ruth L. Harrell10/16/2006
Steven Bruce Huntley10/16/2006
Irving and Elaine Steinberg10/16/2006
Samuel S. and Laura M. Pinkney10/16/2006
Timothy Nicholls10/17/2006
Daniel M. Gray10/18/2006
John B. Anderson10/18/2006
Hugh D. Summers and Teresa E. Summers10/18/2006
Thomas J. Sweeney10/19/2006
Nader Ghazitehrani and Farzaneh Zamanizadeh10/23/2006
Richard A. Cloward10/23/2006
Nelson I. and Esther S. Goodman10/23/2006
Gustavo and Veronica Zeron10/23/2006
Marc G. Bissonnette and Lillian I. Cone10/23/2006
Michael and Tanya Neylan10/23/2006
Kevin A. Goon10/23/2006
Debra Anne Banderas10/24/2006
Jose R. Christopher10/24/2006
Estate of Margot Stewart, Deceased, Brandon Stewart, Executor10/24/2006
Anke Lunsmann-Nolting10/24/2006
Carol J. Hunter10/24/2006
Philip Ira Maggio, Jr.10/24/2006
Estate of Eleanor R. Gerson, Deceased, Allan D. Kleinman, Executor10/24/2006
Curtis Muhammad10/24/2006
Total Health Center Trust, Bonnie Stejskal, Trustee, et al.10/24/2006
Gary Don Erwin10/24/2006
Richard D. Smart10/25/2006
Patrick M. Shannon10/25/2006
Estate of Margaret Landers, Deceased, Dale Seltzer, Co-Administrator10/26/2006
William H. and Jo Anne Lindley10/26/2006
Ronald W. Oman10/30/2006
Susan Bocock and Jack Carl Ryals10/30/2006
Estate of F. Wallace Langer, Deceased, Clarence D. Langer, Jr., Executor10/30/2006
James S. Zigmont10/31/2006
Gary W. McDonough11/1/2006
Gary and Cynthia Stein11/2/2006
Jason Golditch11/2/2006
David Rice11/2/2006
Jorge O. and Clelia E. Svoboda11/2/2006
Katherine Ilovar Rodriguez11/2/2006
Joe W. Jacobs11/6/2006
Jerry Jefferson Kirkeby and Ying Wang11/6/2006
Louis P. Mitchell11/6/2006
Roland and Marie Womack11/7/2006
Anthony J. Kadillak11/7/2006
Cliff Connors11/7/2006
John S. Cooper, Jr.11/9/2006
Perry Westcott11/9/2006
Robert C. and Patricia C. Humphrey11/9/2006
Raymond T. and Patricia Murphy11/9/2006
Henry Broderick11/9/2006
Kaye C. Schlachter11/9/2006
DeAnn Marie McCausland11/13/2006
Byron Hoffman11/14/2006
Betty Sprenger11/14/2006
Judith Walther11/14/2006
William R.Tinnerman11/14/2006
Sharina White11/16/2006
Jan McMaster11/16/2006
William M. Leggett11/21/2006
Kevin J. and Crystal A. Shoemaker11/22/2006
Denis J. Faris and Carolyn M. Faris11/27/2006
Katherine Cowan11/27/2006
Danny Holloway and Patti Bain Holloway11/28/2006
William Edward Thomason11/28/2006
William Edward and Patricia Marie Colombell11/30/2006
L.S. Vines11/30/2006
William Lenihan12/5/2006
Robert B. Keenan12/6/2006
Charles Raymond Wheeler12/6/2006
Frank M. Settimo and Sallyn M. Settimo12/7/2006
Dontez R. Parks12/7/2006
David Soward12/11/2006
Neil Rabinowitz12/11/2006
Emmanuel M. and Blessing N. Nwankwo12/12/2006
Stephen Bernard Schachner, Jr., and Jill Francis Schachner12/13/2006
James K. Moyer12/13/2006
R. William Becker and Mary Ann Becker12/13/2006
Estate of Ronald G. Keeton, Deceased, Kimberly Keeton Spence, Personal Representative12/13/2006
Debra Kay Forister12/14/2006
Curr-Spec Partners, LP, Curr-Spec Managers, LLC, Tax Matters Partner12/14/2006
Kai-Chung C. and Meekhing T. Lam12/14/2006
Steven A. and Patricia A. Knish12/18/2006
Kelly Sue Tipton, Petitioner, and Darren L. Darilek, Intervenor12/18/2006
Nathaniel H. and Carol A. Garfield12/18/2006
Frederic W. Thrane, Jr.12/18/2006
Aric Manley Allman12/19/2006
Estate of Georgina T. Gimbel, Deceased, Janet G. Rogers, JoAnne M. Gimbel, and Thomas W. Gimbel, Co-Executors and Co-Trustees12/19/2006
Terrance LaShawn and Christy Shields12/21/2006
Daniel Hubbard12/21/2006
Dominic Calafati12/26/2006
Bennett Geiger12/26/2006
Thomas Joseph and Judith Jane Forristal12/26/2006
W. Bradford Davis and Tedde M. Rinker12/26/2006
Raymond Wright12/26/2006
Thomas Wayne and Rosalie Geraldine Keene12/27/2006
Great Plains Gasification Associates, A Partnership, Transco Coal Gas Company, A Partner Other Than The Tax Matters Partner12/27/2006
Jonathan Harris12/27/2006
Thomas B. Goldsby, Jr. and Sandra C. Goldsby12/27/2006
Lori Ann Champagne, Petitioner, and Darrin W. Champagne, Intervenor12/27/2006
William M. Leggett12/28/2006
Paul Edwin Farrow12/28/2006
HJ Builders, Inc.12/28/2006

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