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          of petitioner’s law school loan.  The letter by which petitioner            
          was notified of petitioner’s LARP award (petitioner’s LARP award            
          notification letter) stated in pertinent part:                              
               You are being offered a Janet L. Hoffman Loan Assis-                   
               tance Repayment Program (LARP) award for the 2002-2003                 
               award year.                                                            
               Please sign and return the LARP award letter and cer-                  
               tification form to the Office of Student Financial                     
               Assistance within three weeks of the date on the award                 
               letter. * * *                                                          
               Please be aware of the following information regarding                 
               your LARP award.                                                       
               1.   The LARP award will be sent to you in the form of                 
                    a dual-payee check made out to both you and the                   
                    lender with whom you have the highest loan indebt-                
               2.   Two dual-payee checks will be sent to you, one in                 
                    November and one in March.  The first employment                  
                    verification form is included in your application                 
                    form.  The second employment verification form                    
                    will be sent in February.  The March check will be                
                    sent after your second employment verification                    
                    form has been received.  If your employment veri-                 
                    fication is not received within the allowed time,                 
                    your LARP award will be canceled.                                 
               3.   The LARP award is renewable next year, but is                     
                    subject to change in light of your financial con-                 
                    dition and the number of years you have received                  
                    LARP assistance.                                                  
               4.   You are responsible for contacting your lender to                 
                    discuss how the LARP award will affect payment for                
                    this year.                                                        
               5.   This LARP award can only be used with the lender                  
                    specified on the award letter.  It is your respon-                
                    sibility to pay your loans with other lenders.                    
               6.   The LARP award is considered taxable income for                   
                    the year that the actual payment is received.  It                 

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