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               Petitioners, who are husband and wife, resided in Glendale             
          Heights, Illinois, at the time of filing their petition.  Between           
          December 1998 and May 1999, petitioners signed 22 notes as the              
          obligors in the aggregate principal of $2,529,700 and 22                    
          mortgages securing those notes.  Petitioner Sajida Razvi’s                  
          brother, Syed Razvi, asked petitioners to sign the documents as a           
          personal favor to him.  Petitioners signed the documents without            
          extensively reviewing them.  Each note was used to purchase a               
          different property (all condominiums) and was secured by a                  
          mortgage.  There was a covenant in most of the notes and the                
          accompanying mortgages obligating either petitioner to pay the              
          full amount of principal and accrued interest of the debt.                  
          Petitioners also signed 22 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban             
          Development (HUD) settlement statements in connection with each             
          mortgage.  The principal amount due under each of the 22 notes              
          was over $100,000.  Unknown to petitioners, the mortgages were              
          obtained by fraud because the fair market value of the properties           
          securing the mortgages was substantially inflated and, in some              
          cases, was in fact far less than the face amount of the notes               
          that petitioners signed.                                                    
               In October 2004, Mr. Razvi was indicted for participating in           
          a scheme with others to defraud and obtain more than $27 million            
          of mortgage loan proceeds from various banks and mortgage lending           

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Last modified: May 25, 2011