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          an obligation claimed by petitioners to be a liability,                     
          respondent must prove that it is more probable than not that                
          petitioners would not be called upon to pay that portion of the             
          obligation claimed.  Id.                                                    
               Respondent has failed to prove that the value of                       
          petitioners’ assets exceeded their liabilities as of the                    
          calculation date of April 26, 2001.  The record shows that                  
          petitioners had $210,764 in assets with known values, and                   
          respondent concedes that petitioner had $213,120 in liabilities             
          on the calculation date.  Respondent claims that petitioners                
          failed to introduce evidence with respect to the values of                  
          several of their assets and therefore failed to prove that they             
          were insolvent.  However, the burden of proof is on respondent.             
          Therefore, respondent had the burden to produce evidence that               
          petitioners were not insolvent.  Respondent has not done so.                
               Petitioners argue that under Illinois State law they were              
          still personally liable for several of their mortgage debts as of           
          the calculation date of April 26, 2001, because the foreclosure             
          sales that took place with respect to those debts had not yet               
          been approved by the Illinois State court.  See, e.g., Citicorp             
          Sav. v. First Chicago Trust Co., 645 N.E.2d 1038, 1045 (Ill. App.           
          Ct. 1995); 27A Ill. Law and Practice, Mortgages, sec. 87 (2005)             
          (quoting Morgan v. Sherwood, 53 Ill. 171 (1870)).  Since we have            
          decided that respondent had the burden of proof in this case and            

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