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          marriage, petitioner and Dr. Banderas maintained and had equal              
          access to a joint checking account, and both wrote checks on the            
          account.  Both also opened household mail.  Dr. Banderas,                   
          however, assumed primary responsibility in handling the family’s            
          financial affairs.                                                          
               In the mid-1990s, Dr. Banderas became involved in a contract           
          dispute with a business associate, Alexander Doman (Dr. Doman),             
          who was to purchase Dr. Banderas’s medical practice in                      
          preparation for Dr. Banderas’s retirement.  The matter proceeded            
          to litigation and resulted in a $832,447 civil judgment against             
          Dr. Banderas on June 25, 1997.  To collect on the judgment, the             
          Banderases’ joint checking account was levied in 1997.                      
          Petitioner then, in August of 1997, opened a separate checking              
          account into which Dr. Banderas’s Social Security checks and                
          petitioner’s income were deposited and out of which living                  
          expenses were paid.                                                         
               During the pendency of the foregoing controversy,                      
          Dr. Banderas retired, and he and petitioner moved to Florida in             
          early 1996.  Thereafter, on October 3, 1997, Dr. Banderas filed a           
          voluntary chapter 7 bankruptcy petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy              
          Court for the Middle District of Florida.  The bankruptcy case              
          was closed by order of that court on July 21, 2005, after                   

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