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               husband passed away, the proceeds of his life insurance                
               policy also went to the bankruptcy court.                              
                    So I found myself, at almost 50 years of age, not                 
               only without my beloved husband, but also with the                     
               urgent need to prepare financially for my future.                      
                    In an attempt to pay off our debts, to support                    
               myself since he passed away, and to try to prepare for                 
               my future/retirement, I have been working 2-3 jobs at a                
               time, 70-100+ hours/week, something that I cannot                      
               continue much longer.                                                  
                    Finding myself now responsible for an additional                  
               bill of over $100,000 to the IRS, I am overwhelmed even                
               by the idea of how to pay it off.  Because almost all                  
               the taxes were based on my husband’s income, etc., and                 
               the ensuing financial problems were a result of his                    
               petition of bankruptcy and the court’s actions, I                      
               respectfully request that I be relieved of the                         
               responsibility of these debts as they present an                       
               unfathomable hardship to me.                                           
               Petitioner also submitted to the IRS a Form 12510,                     
          Questionnaire for Requesting Spouse, dated July 22, 2003.  In               
          response to a question asking her to explain when and how she               
          thought reported balances due would be paid, petitioner wrote:              
          “By proceeds from my husband’s pension plan - never dreaming that           
          the court would take it away”.  A further question asking what              
          efforts were made to pay reported taxes after relevant returns              
          were filed elicited the following answer:                                   
               Everything (pension plan) was frozen by the court - we                 
               were waiting for the discharge to have the funds freed                 
               up - in 99 we found that was never going to happen -                   
               accountant said with such a loss we would not owe                      
               anything “ever again”.  Then my husband passed away;                   
               with $400,000 left in bankruptcy court they are telling                
               me there will be none left for me or our kids.                         
          Petitioner also on the Form 12510 completed a statement of her              
          average income and expenses.  She listed wage income of                     

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