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          find another employee with less seniority to bump.  This                    
          seniority bumping arrangement was in place across the country, so           
          that an NWA mechanic looking to keep his or her job at NWA had to           
          look at several different cities to find a less senior employee             
          to bump.  Most employees exercised their seniority in the way               
          that would give them positions in cities as close as possible to            
          their families.                                                             
               Mr. Farran first received a bump notice in late 2001.  Mr.             
          Farran chose to exercise his seniority and bump another employee            
          rather than accept the layoff.  Mr. Farran was able to bump to a            
          position in the relatively close location of Duluth, but was then           
          bumped again to Detroit, where he started in November 2001.  Mr.            
          Farran worked in Detroit until February 3, 2003, and then was               
          bumped again, this time exercising his seniority to take a                  
          position in Chicago.  Mr. Farran worked for NWA in Chicago from             
          February 4 through February 25, 2003.  Mr. Farran was then bumped           
          a final time and exercised his seniority to take a position in              
          Boston, where he worked from February 26 through March 21, 2003.            
          Mr. Farran ceased working for NWA on March 22, 2003.                        
               Mr. Farran was unemployed after he left NWA until November             
          17, 2003.  Mr. Farran searched for a job during those months and            
          took courses at Dakota County Technical College, including                  
          courses in hydraulics, industrial electronics, and motor                    
          controls.  These courses expanded Mr. Farran’s skills as an                 

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