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          airline mechanic and built on the knowledge Mr. Farran already              
          had.  Mr. Farran received a certificate or some other type of               
          credential for completing the program.  Mr. Farran drove back and           
          forth from petitioners’ home in Farmington, Minnesota, to the               
          college on the days his classes met.                                        
               Mr. Farran ultimately accepted a position with Gulfstream              
          Aerospace in Atlanta, Georgia, starting November 17, 2003.  Mr.             
          Farran worked for Gulfstream Aerospace until July 2004.                     
               Mr. Farran’s positions in Detroit, Chicago, and Boston had             
          no specific end dates.  The timing of a return to the Minneapolis           
          area would depend on NWA’s needs for mechanics in that city as              
          well as the choices of other mechanics also subject to the                  
          seniority system.                                                           
               Mr. Farran’s family stayed in Minnesota at the family                  
          residence while Mr. Farran was working for NWA in Detroit,                  
          Chicago, and Boston, and Mr. Farran returned periodically to                
          visit them.  While Mr. Farran was working in Detroit, Chicago,              
          and Boston, he found that hotels were quite expensive and                   
          determined it would be impossible to get an apartment.  He                  
          decided it would be impractical to move his family to these                 
          locations and mostly lived in his car.  Mr. Farran kept a                   
          calendar for 2003 in Minnesota on which he and his wife                     
          periodically noted amounts Mr. Farran incurred for hotels,                  
          mileage, and food.                                                          

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