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          occupying dwelling units within the SCD.  The Gibsons did not               
          satisfy the restriction.                                                    
               In 1992, the Sun City Civic Association reported the                   
          Gibsons’ restriction violation to county code enforcement                   
          authorities (CCE authorities).  The CCE authorities contacted the           
          Gibsons several times with regard to the restriction.  On the               
          first occasion, CCE authorities served notice on the Gibsons                
          informing them of the restriction and that they were in violation           
          of the restriction.  Later, CCE authorities issued the Gibsons a            
          citation stating that they should comply immediately with the               
          restriction by restricting the occupancy of the home to persons             
          satisfying the restriction.  CCE authorities advised the Gibsons            
          that continued violation of the restriction might result in fines           
          and imprisonment.  Also, CCE authorities issued petitioner a                
          notice to appear in court, alleging a criminal violation of the             
          ordinance that imposed the restriction.  The county later dropped           
          the charge, and petitioner did not have to appear in court.                 
               Other Sun City residents harassed and physically and                   
          verbally threatened the Gibsons because of their violation of the           
               In May 1994, the Gibsons and other plaintiffs initiated a              
          class action lawsuit against the county and certain other county            
          officials in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of            
          California.  In the class’s first amended complaint, the class              

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