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               In August 2002, the District Court entered a consent decree            
          in petitioner’s class action lawsuit.  The consent decree granted           
          declaratory, injunctive, and monetary relief to petitioner and              
          the other named plaintiffs.  Petitioner, his wife’s estate,3 and            
          his children received a total of $350,000 in monetary relief, to            
          be allocated as agreed among them.  The consent decree also                 
          established a fund for the purpose of making distributions to               
          unnamed plaintiffs who submitted qualified claims.                          
               Pursuant to the decree, six factors are to be considered in            
          determining the amount of compensation due to unnamed qualified             
          claimants.  Those six factors are:  (1) The number of citations             
          or threats received; (2) the degree of coercion expressed in the            
          citation or threat or other communication from the county to the            
          claimant; (3) whether the claimant left the dwelling in question            
          because of the citation or threat; (4) the nature and degree of             
          emotional distress suffered, including whether the claimant                 
          provided evidence of any physical symptoms of emotional distress,           
          or other special circumstances which increased the emotional                
          distress; (5) whether the claimant provided evidence of any                 
          increased costs resulting from the loss of housing, including,              
          but not limited to, increased cost of alternative housing, wages            
          and other income lost during the time spent looking for                     

               3  Petitioner’s wife died in 2000, and her estate was                  
          substituted as a party in the class action lawsuit.                         

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