Daniel C. Greer and Winnie L. Greer - Page 7

                                        - 7 -                                         
              (e)  no representations, warranties, or assurances are                  
              made or should be inferred concerning the economic                      
              return or tax advantages which may accrue to the limited                
              (f)  prospective purchasers, before investing, should                   
              consult with their own professional advisors as to                      
              legal, tax, business, accounting, and other matters                     
              relating to an investment in the partnership;                           
              (g)  investment in Madison should be considered only by                 
              persons having substantial net worth and substantial                    
              present and anticipated income; and                                     
              (h)  prospective purchasers will be afforded an                         
              opportunity to obtain all additional information they                   
              may reasonably request relating to the offering, Mr.                    
              Roberts, or any documents attached to the offering                      
         In addition, the offering memorandum warns that Madison is a tax             
         shelter by stating to potential purchasers, including Mr. Greer,             
         that “On audit, the purchase price of the Sentinel EPS Recyclers             
         to be paid by F & G to ECI may be challenged by the Service as               
         being in excess of the fair market value thereof, a practice                 
         followed by it in transactions it deems to be ‘tax shelters’.”               
         The offering memorandum advises that Madison “is a newly-formed              

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