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         entity with no operating history and is subject to all the risks             
         inherent in starting a new business.”                                        
              The offering memorandum further advises that                            
              management of [Madison’s] business will be dependent                    
              upon the services of [Mr. Roberts] who has had limited                  
              experience in marketing recycling or similar equipment                  
              and who is required by the Partnership Agreement to                     
              devote only such time to the affairs of [Madison] as he,                
              in his absolute discretion, deems necessary                             
         and that Mr. Roberts had other business commitments that would               
         require a substantial portion of his time and efforts.  The                  
         Madison limited partners, including Mr. Greer, had no control over           
         the conduct of Madison’s business.  The offering memorandum                  
         explains that a Sentinel EPS Recycler has “no history of                     
         commercial use, there is no established market for its sale, lease           
         or license, and there can be no assurance that PI (Packing                   
         Industries Group, Inc.) will meet its obligations under the                  
         aforementioned warranties.”  The offering memorandum also points             
         out risks that the recycled resin pellets may not be marketable              
         and that the price would fluctuate.                                          
              The offering memorandum also states that Mr. Roberts, the               
         general partner of Madison, may have a potential conflict of                 
         interest with the limited partners of Madison because Mr. Roberts            
         is not prohibited from engaging in activities that compete with              
         Madison and that he is a general partner in other partnerships               

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